Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well, we got a WHOLE bunch of COLD and we are going to get LOTS more!

It finally got here last night and of course I had to stay up and listen, check wunderground, open doors in case it might be sleeting and I couldn't hear it, and turn on the flood light in the back yard in case it started snowing and I might miss something. I finally heard some sleet, but was getting tired so went to bed happy. There was a very strong gust of wind and a limb fell just as I was getting into bed. At least it was a small one and it gave me something to nag hubby about. We will deal with it when it gets warmer. It wasn't like last year when the huge limb came crashing against the breakfast room window. That was spooky. Later in the night there was a giant crash of thunder/sleet that woke both of us. Tonight it is supposed to get down to 8F tonight...that is super cold for here. We did get about an inch of snow and that made it all worth it.

So, we have had a calm day watching Egypt get rid of Mubarak, well sort of...in 9 months or so, I think Egyptians might be pretty cool the way they protected the ancient artifacts. We spent time watching cars and trucks get turned around on the freeway and wondered how a dune buggy worked so well on ice. We spent time baking cookies, and hubby made taco soup for dinner.

All in all it was a restful day, and I got the dreaded pt exercises done this afternoon. At least I don't have to get down on the floor. It is the small things that make life good.


  1. Hope it don't get too cold, I am flying to Nahville next week I hope the weather will be kind .

    I did enjoy your post very interesting to read.


  2. Sounds like a peaceful day letting nature do its thing.
    We got rain early then the cold set in big time. Negative wind chills but house is warm. All is good.

  3. We missed the snow for the first time this winter. We got rain and wind. I lost electric during the night and thought the roof was coming off the house. The wind was horrible here. Limbs down all over my yard this morning and electric finally back on. I put that movie you suggested on my Netflix list. Sounds like a good one, too.

  4. We got ice and then 12 in snow on top of that.

  5. The day you are posting about our low was 7 deg. We got rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow which repeated itself twice on 24 hours. Today the snow sneaked up on me. It is doing the same routine but a slightly warmer.

    We lived through the the first day until today without HVAC as we were installing new duct work. It is an expensive project but well worth not breathing the insulating particles flying out the vents for 30 years or ownership.

    We have made so many improvements we'll never recover it selling. On way to look at it is we have lived rent-free for 21 years, I guess that is some consolation.