Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to praying for rain again

hmmm...well, we all asked for a tropical depression/storm for rain and we got one, but Texas sucked it dry in 2 hours, literally. Tropical Storm Don came ashore and and just fell apart. Weather forecasters had never seen that happen. They were mystified by the whole thing. That is just how dry it is here. We are getting desperate for rain. Crops are dry in the fields and the ground is cracked. The cotton crop in south Texas was in danger of being ruined by Don, but my guess is they just got a little rain shower out of the poor thing. Anyway, we are now forecasted to have even hotter temperatures and no rain in sight.

We water the yard just to keep some of the shrubs alive. So far we haven't had water rationing...yet. Our Texas sage, also known as the barometer bush, has not bloomed once this year that I know of. They bloom before or right after it rains. I'm looking forward to seeing the purple flowers again.


  1. Painfully HOT and no end in sight, well there is talk of "Emily" won't hold my

  2. I was so sorry to hear Don fizzled. First I have ever heard of that happening. Some distinction being known as a tropical storm grave yard.
    So Emily is out there? Try try again. I sure hope you get relief soon.

  3. How strange the world is some parts so hot and dry, other parts having monsoons, today here is the first nice day we have had in a while.
    Hope you get some more rain.
    Take care.

  4. the area of Texas where I grew up was shown on satellite the other night on several news or weather channels. It looked somewhat like the Sahara with big cracks. The lake that serves several small cities including my hometown is over half empty. boats, docks and piers are high and dry.

  5. NW1,
    The lake in the middle of Austin is about high and dry, but so are many other places. The duck pond near our house is drying up quickly.

    Still waiting for rain and hoping it will come soon!

    Ark Patti,
    Nobody had ever heard of a tropical storm being killed by so much heat and dry air. Our weathermen were speechless for the first time ever!

    So good to hear from you! Hope you all get rain, too.

  6. I was wondering if you got any relief! I hope for purple flowers soon too!

  7. I do believe we've gotten all your rain up in Minnesota!


  8. Pearl,
    For some reason I can't leave a comment on your blog. arrg

    This is what I was going to leave there:

    We used to go to a bar that was pretty cool. The swamp heifers were kept from bothering most of us, because the ladies was so small only one at a time could be in there. However, once you were out you were on your own. We had clean hands as much as you can have in a bar, though.