Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Video Interuptus

Last night was one of those nights where I could not get to sleep no matter what I did. In a last ditch effort to nod off I turned on the tv. Roger Daltrey was on Leno and was about to sing "Pinball Wizard" He began to sing and I was getting all into the song and suddenly silence and an infomercial came on! It was such a shock. This afternoon I found the same video and when it began to play there was a sudden silence when it froze. Maybe I was not meant to hear this today. I'm off to take a nap. I've still not slept.

Roger Daltrey - Pinball Wizard 2011 by IvorTheEngineDriver

Tony Bennett's new cd Duets II has a duet with Amy Winehouse, among many others. It is such a shame she could not control her substance abuse, whether that was what killed her or not. She had a beautiful voice and they both seemed genuinely pleased to work together.

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  1. Both wonderful videos, always loved Pinball wizard and Amy winehouse today on our news say she died because she tried to give up drinking without medical supervision, her drug abuse she was clear of. Appartently she had a seizure. very sad.

    Have a good day.