Thursday, May 29, 2008

Afternoon delight

Thank you all for dropping by today and welcoming me to blogland. Many felt that I'd never find serene days...and I won't. Life isn't like that. It is the differentness of it all that I love, but we did have a serene afternoon this week.

In Texas it get really hot and humid. The past couple of weeks we have set records for heat and humidity. In other words it has been just plain miserable before the magic cut off date of June 1st when there is no more rain until the end of August and everyday is just plain hot.

We had been to the store for something and when we came out to go to the car it didn't seem quite as hot and it was getting cloudy. A little later we noticed it had started raining and went outside to enjoy it while it lasted. It was a very gentle rain and it had cooled off at least 20 degrees. There was some lightning and a little was a just right afternoon shower.
It was so in contrast to the terrible storms that have wracked our country this spring. I'd been hoping for just this sort of without the fear of tornadoes, hail, flooding, and the wind and rain lashing the trees...believe me...I love a good storm, but it was just so pleasant to sit on the covered patio with my husband and listen to the rain. It has been probably five years since I've had the opportunity that I'd be home when we had just that sort of rain and could enjoy it so much. It was beautiful and it left me feeling "serene".

Sometimes we have to take the joy when we can and hope it will come again and that we will recognize it for what it is.


  1. Amen to that! I would have loved to sit on your covered porch and listen to the rain with you! We don't have a covered porch - so when it rains like that, we open all the windows to listen! ;)

  2. Quite true. BTW: My active personal blog is over at
    Stop on over ad say hi!

  3. hello..I was "Instructed" by this lady here..Melli to come and visit you so here I am. I hope that you enjoy blogging as much as I do. melli and I are friends and have met through blogging which is great!! come over and see me sometime too. Sandy (flip flop)

  4. We live in the country in Virginia and have a tin roof. I love the type of rain you are describing as it is very comforting on the tin roof.

    Hope you'll stop by and chuckle at my "Berry Special" grand baby eating strawberries from the field.

    Hope you have lots more peaceful rainfalls with cooler temps. We used to live in Central West Texas (Abilene) so I remember the heat.

  5. I think you've done a great job with your blog and I like the lay-out too - so blog on!

  6. yeap you will read things about me on Melli's blog!! We have had some good times...we had a big blogger bash at my house here in Savannah back in october. What fun. Sandy