Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28th...the start

I named this blog Serenity Days, because I'm looking for some days that are serene. Seems like our days have been so busy for such a long time I sometimes wonder what happened to the time.

Just a few months ago I was still working and it seemed hectic all the time, then I decided to quit that and stay home with my retired husband. We did have some fun times after that going to Port Aransas to fish and to Arkansas to walk the woods. Then it was the holidays and that was so much fun, but a lot of work.

In January we volunteered to help start a neighborhood association. I'm the treasurer and although it is less demanding than being the president, there are still a lot of meetings. The need for a neighborhood association came about because of the discovery of gas in our area. Natural gas...the kind that burns in your furnace or your gas range in the kitchen. Well, the gas companies who want to drill in our neighborhood and their "landmen" want to give us much less of a bonus for signing with them than we would like to have our peace disturbed....back to that serenity days thing again. It makes a lot of noise when they are "fracking" the wells. Actually once they get them set up they are pretty quiet, I think. If you know a lot more than me, then please feel free to let me know just how horrifying it is going to be.

My father in law just celebrated his ninety first birthday, and he and my mother in law, who will celebrate her 90th, are still able to live independently, but we don't know for how much longer. She is recovering from a blood clot in her leg and that should be healed by the first part of July. Maybe, we can get out of town for a little while then. Last year was a very rainy year, much to everyone's surprise we actually got sick of rain. No Texan EVER admits it, but I just had to get out of town. We went to New Mexico for a few days and it was so clear, cool, and just plain beautiful I didn't want to come home for a while, but we did.

Anyway, my life is full of randomness and I love it, but I'm still looking for a few days of serenity. Hubby and I forgot today is movie day. We were going to go see the new Indiana Jones movie, but maybe next week will be better. We had some friends and family over last weekend for brats, beer and catching up with each other, but some folks already had plans and couldn't come by. So, I decided to have them over this weekend...and some of the ones who came last weekend are coming back and some new ones have been invited by random people. It should be fun and the best part is the house is still pretty clean and we have food and drink left over from last weekend!


  1. YAY! *squeals!* It is sO good to see you in Blogland!!! I'm so excited that we will be able to keep up again!

    Amber... I'm not sure you are EVER going to find your Serenity Day... I don't think I'll find mine either. I almost had it -- for about a minute... I think it was like October 28th... around 1:06 pm! But then I opened my mouth ... and words came out! That keeps happening. Some of those words mess up my serenity. Mostly the ones where I say... sure. LOL!

    Your hubby's parents AMAZE me! They are sO cool!

  2. Good morning Amber, I am new to your blog via Melli...welcome to our world of fun and getting to meet so many wonderful people..come over to visit my place.. Baba

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere!
    Melli sent me.

  4. Hi Amber, Good luck with your blog and finding your serenity days. I've discovered that life is pretty much what you make it. Right now my grand daughter is visiting from Canada so life is good and full of giggles and grins.

    My Mr. Wonderful and I work at a mission which is really hard physical labor and lots of volunteers. I met Melli on line as well as Baba and Lady Bug. It's always a thrill when you finally get to meet the blogger face to face.

    Melli sent me but I'll be back.

  5. Melly sent me. I came, I read, I typed, and blogger ate my humongous comment -- which you probably didn't want to read anyway -- so -- welcome to blogging. I hope you planned on signing up for a new addiction ....

  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging

  7. Welll...any friend of Melli's is a friend of the blogging world! So glad you're here. I agree...serenity days are found when we really let our eyes so those peaceful moments.

    I hope your blogging journey brings you much joy!!

    :-) Susan

  8. Hi Amber-
    I came by way of Melli's.
    Welcome to this crazy blogger life.
    I recently retired to from the stress and now I blog! It's become a whole new world for me and I promise you it will be addicting.
    Some days when I need a little serenity I come to my blogging friends.
    When the gas wells are in they're ok. They are all over here in WV - a big boom - nationwide I guess.
    Have a wonderful weekend - it sounds like fun!

  9. Yeah YOU!
    Welcome to blog land..((hugs))

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