Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am grateful today

I just talked with my dil and her dad came home last night! The hospital where my son and dil live talked with her dad's doctor and he faxed all of the pertinent information to the doctors in Texas. They all decided the prescription he takes to slow his heartrate was causing the problem, and to cut back on that medicine. He is feeling pretty well today. They have decided to stay "home" with the kids and not to drive to Galveston. That will be a nice Thanksgiving for them.

Today I am so grateful for the innovations in communication that allowed the transfer of medical records between a doctor in Georgia and a hospital in Texas in seconds. Fax machines are amazing and really something to be grateful for.

I'm off to clean house and go ahead and cook the turkey today so we can drop off my husband's parent's dinner tomorrow and then we can go to the movies. This will be the first holiday we have ever been able to do this. It has always been cook like crazy, wash all the china, wash and put away the silver, put away all the food, and then collapse with the ads to think about what to get everyone for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to a day without a huge hassle.


  1. Appreciate your long and informative comment on my blog today. Thank you very much. I did not even know of Juneteenth.

  2. Abe,
    Juneteenth is one of those things that happened. Nobody told the slaves for 2 years that they had been set free and the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed in 1862 and was to become effective in 1863.

  3. Oh yeah...women still couldn't vote for until August 1920.