Saturday, November 15, 2008

Terminally Cute

Yesterday was a fun and relaxing day after my husband's birthday on the 13th. We returned to the Botanic Gardens, actually to the Rose Garden this time. I took pictures until my battery ran down. A big cold front came in about noon yesterday, but it wasn't cold until last night. The wind really picked up and the falling leaves were beautiful. I'll get pictures into a slideshow for you. Only way to deal with that many pics. However, photobucket is very slow this morning, so in the meantime if you want to curl up and/or drop over from the cute look at this puppy cam. They are terminally cute, but I just checked and they were off the air right now. They come on at 9:30am and go until 10ish, I guess. Anyway, if you happen to see them it is worth the wait.


  1. LOL! They ARE adorable! No I don't WANT one! hehehe... I think we have your cold front heading our way.... we had rain this morning and now the temps are starting to fall. Tomorrow is supposed to be 15 or 20 degrees cooler than today.

  2. I always know to come here when I need a "cute" fix! How do you find this stuff?