Friday, November 21, 2008

What this yarn wants

I haven't wanted to do much of anything for a few days...there have been night meetings all week and I really didn't want to do anything today. I've been goofing with some yarn all day today trying to decide what it wants to be. It did NOT want to be a scarf at all either large or small. I thought it might want to be a small purse, but decided not. I still have my class project purse in the knitting bag and no interest in finishing it anytime soon, but I did see a hat with tails that looked just like it. I may be able to salvage it into a fairly cool would have made a pretty lousy purse anyway. It was while looking at some patterns I'd printed when I first started back knitting during the summer that I found what this yarn wants to be. It wants to be a hat. It wants to be a fairly small hat, because I don't have much of the yarn and can't find the wrapper anywhere. I think this yarn wants to be this hat badly enough that there will be enough yarn. And if there isn't enough to finish in this yarn then maybe another yarn can be worked into the very top of the hat. This is the first time in a while that I've been excited about knitting again. It is a wonderful feeling and I finally had to make myself put it down and blog. Now it is time to go to bed. Night all.


  1. I enjoyed your yarn about yarn and I am looking forward to a photo of your finished hat.

  2. I can't WAIT to see the finished hat! Personally, I can't imagine a piece of yarn that wouldn't be DYEing to be a hat! As a matter of fact... everything should be a hat!