Thursday, February 11, 2010


As a native Texan we get into a childlike fever at the thought of snow. I know everyone on the east coast and middle America is durn worn out with it, but we may get SNOW tomorrow!! I can't get settled to go to sleep and every time I go to the kitchen I have to look out to see if it has started yet. The floodlight is over the kitchen window and I can see a snow grain in a heartbeat with it back lighted. We are loaded up with bread, milk, TP, cookies, food, and all that stuff so we won't starve to death before Friday afternoon.

This was helped by going to see "The Book of Eli" this date afternoon with my husband. Life was tough out there. I gotta tell you I would not have made a good pioneer at all. They would have left me about a mile or so out of the town they were leaving from. I don't travel well.

If I don't travel myself off to the bed right now I might miss a snowflake or two, tomorrow. Sleep well and wake rested.


  1. I glad someone is excited with the prospect of snow. We here in the UK take it fro granted that it's coming back before spring makes an appearance.
    Enjoy your snow I will be thinking of you.
    Take care.

  2. I know, isn't it exciting. We have had some really nice ones this year but today, south Arkansas gets to play. Enjoy.

  3. You guys must be getting quite a bit of snow. Joshua just texted me a picture of a very tall snow man!
    He lives in Arlington near I20.

  4. if you didn't get slammed, I have plenty to send you!

  5. How much did you get? I see Dallas got 12 inches. My half brother in Wolfe City called yesterday. He already had 4". He said the flakes were huge.

  6. We got about 10" of snow and it was heavy wet snow...beautiful big flakes that took down trees all over the place. We didn't lose power, but lots of folks did. Hubby got a lot of one of our live oaks cut back today. There is still a lot to do out there.

    PJ-There were some great big snowmen across the street on the corner, and the little girls across the street made the most adorable one. I was going to get a picture of it, but by the time I remembered again it had fallen over.

    Lora-You can keep all your snow. We've had our allotment for this year!

    Having snow is great fun and if my pictures will ever get through loading at Photobucket I'll get them up. I've been busy setting up a distribution list for one of the groups we belong to. Just got off the phone with a lady from a group to which we still belong, but we have gotten to where we rarely do anything with the group.

    This blogging is fun too.

  7. Hi Amber, If you like snow, I am happy for you that you got what you wanted. I could send you all that we have and be happy to do it! We are getting it again tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday. We have a winter weather advisary out now. I don't travel well either. I wanted to come by and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. Love and hugs, Judy