Thursday, February 4, 2010

Such a Disappointment After Rethinking My Situation

Tomorrow morning I'm going to stay in the bed until I'm darn good and ready to get up. This week has been one of the run hither and yon ones and this morning I did not want to get up and go again, but had an obligation for lunch. It is important you know. I hope I didn't share my sore throat with everyone, but my guess is I didn't. My throat was so sore yesterday I thought I'd weep. I went to another one of the doc in the box (emergency care places) to see if they could do anything about it. Wednesday is my primary physician's day off.

After discussing all the sinus infections I've had lately and all the antibiotics prescribed and taken, we decided it was probably thrush, a fungal infection caused from taking too many antibiotics. All the antibiotics and the methotrexate that supresses the immune system..yep. Meanwhile back at the clinic, they gave me a shot of antibiotics and a scrip for antibiotics and some antihistamine stuff. There was nothing for an anti-fungal infection in all that. Some days I just wonder what the heck was I thinking and why did I think she was a real doctor who would actually give me a rx that would do some good.

Lunch was surprisingly spicy, given that it was Mexican food, and I had a large to go box for most of mine. The guacamole was about the only thing I could manage, but the girls had decided La Playa was just the place to eat. When I returned home my husband said the emergency care place had called to see how I was doing. He didn't know that I felt too dreadful to return to their place of business today for some more antibiotics probably. And I wondered how the hell did they think I'd feel.

I've got some Nystatin stashed in the fridge from a bout of this in November that will help until I can get to a real doctor who doesn't speak with a forked tongue and give me something that will actually help me make it through the week.


  1. I do feel for you, I came back from Spain 2 weeks ago and since my return have had a sore throat, sinus trouble sore eyes and a feeling of no energy at all. I was given antibiotics which I finshed but I still have all the symptoms.
    I do hope you will feel better soon,take care and have that extra time in bed.My thoughts are with you.

  2. Going to the doctor really is a crap shoot isn't it? Do hope you find relief soon. A sore throat can really dominate your thoughts.
    Feel better soon.

  3. I hope you are feeling better today...((hugs))

  4. I know the feeling. Last November/December and January I felt like I might never be well again. Just starting to perk up now.

  5. Some of that hot spicy stuff might do the job. I used to drink the juice out of canned or pickled jalopenos.. Worked..for sore throats but cannot attest to the stomach lining.

    I do wonder about doctors and I agree they are just practicing medicine on you. Why do they tell me I am bleeding somewhere because my hemoglobin is in the basement, but give me an iron infusion instead of finding out WHERE.

    Or why on earth do they grade potential abdominal arterial aneurysms 1-5 and tell a patient they won't repair until it get certain number, while it might blow any minute.

    It's a puzzlement!

    Hope you get well in spite of it all!

  6. I really AM starting to worry about you! This stuff has just gone on for FAR too long! I do hope your primary care guy can do SOMEthing!

    I just can't tell you how much you WISH you were spending the night at MY house tonight! If I don't lose power I'll put up photo's as soon as I can get some tomorrow!

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