Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Wednesday

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Hope all of you with snow are coping well and having hot chocolate with marshmallows and maybe a dash of cinnamon. You must read Judy's post over at Living on The Other Side of the Hill's, about the health benefits of spices. You might want to dedicate a small part of your yard to a little herb garden after reading it. It is really easy to grow herbs. They like the worst part of the garden and will reward you with good stuff. Plant what you like and will use...that is a big plus. I'm getting the gardening bug bad and can hardly restrain myself from clearing out all the beds and planting warm weather crops, but it isn't time yet. However, I noticed the oregano, sage, and the especially wonderful pineapple sage is coming out. I picked some oregano to go into a dish for our dinner the other night. It was good to go out there again to gather some herbs.


  1. LOL! Parting the snow sea!

    Herbs and spices like the WORST part of the garden? Really? Wow! Maybe I should plant my whole YARD in herbs!

  2. Why do my Rosemary plants keep rotting?

  3. Melli...that is what I've heard and mine don't get too much in the way of sun, moisture or fertilizer.

    Quilly...I think we may overwater it. Mine wasn't planted with the other herbs and died the wilty death, too. The elementary school behind my house has beds the little kids planted that are like 4feet tall! I vote there and attend neighborhood association meetings there and each time I walk by I shake my head.

  4. I love the cat picture and thanks for referring your friends to my place. I try and raise herbs every year. My yard is so shady, I have to put them in pots and move them around into the sun but they do well this way. I can't wait till I can get outside and do some work. I have bought pots, seed, all kinds of stuff so I can just run out the door when the time comes.