Saturday, March 28, 2009

The mesquite trees got fooled..sort of

Well, so much for the mequite trees predicting spring and all. They got fooled in a big way this weekend. There is a blizzard in the Texas panhandle and there were flurries around here this morning, but we didn't see any snow at our house. So, maybe the mesquites in my part of town knew it wasn't going to freeze right here.

The cold front blew in yesterday afternoon about 4 in the afternoon with super strong winds and it was a sight to see of us trying to put the sheets over the peas. I wasn't too worried about lettuce and the other cold weather vegetables, but wasn't sure about the peas. It got down into the 30s last night and will get down to mid 30s tonight, but warmer tomorrow. The good thing about a cold spell in Texas is that it is gone in almost no time. It is very cold today, but tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 70F.

P.S.-Well, the 6pm news said it was going to get down to freezing tonight. Thank goodness we didn't plant any of the warmer weather plants yet. The gerber daisies came back from last year plants. I guess from seed. They are covered, and I do hope they don't get frost bitten.

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  1. We are still hangin' out in the low 50's mOst days. We have had a day or two of near 70... but we're not quite there yet!