Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Square Root Day

Today is square root day, a day that only occurs 9 times in a century. The last one was February 2, 2004. CNet reports the day will be celebrated by revelers who will cut root vegetables into squares and cubes and other things into the square root symbol....possibly something made of jello. Today is a math geek holiday of the kind possibly celebrated by the characters on "The Big Bang Theory", one of my favorite tv shows. However, Penny, the guys' adorable neighbor across the hall is like the rest of us, and Square Root Day wouldn't be high on her holiday calendar.

There is also another math holiday that is Pi Day observed on March 14th. (3.14) Revelers on that day walk in circles. (See CNet for more information on this holiday.)

The math world does have their fun days. That is why I am married to a math major. He rocks! And he understands all this math stuff. Maybe I'll make potatoes tonight...those cut into cubes nicely. He actually has a device to cut vegetables into cubes! Oh yay more time to make the jello and cut it into the square root symbol.

Happy Square Root day!!


  1. My Bob is retired from mechanical engineering and he loves anything that has to do with math. I don't know if he knows about this day or not. I will have to tell him. He is always measuring something or changing something or fooling with some piece of equipment. He has measured every wall, nook and corner in the house and has it all written in a book!

  2. You know, you may have just helped me make certain that no matter what I eat I will always have a square meal .....

  3. Oh my goodness. You like The Big Bang Theory. I ADORE that show. I'm in love with Sheldon. :P