Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cold Rainy Weather is On The Way

We got out and did too much too soon. Tuesday was a busy day with my visit to the rheumatologist and then we ran errands....too many errands. Last night I couldn't sleep well and tossed and turned until I came to the family room and turned on the tv. I was out like a light after that.

We thought the bad weather would get us on Thursday, but it is looking like it will be farther north now. I'll pray for you who live in Oklahoma. It looks like it will be getting bad up there. We will get a lot of rain, but not so much snow. I loves me some snow in the wintertime.....and I'm not satisfied with the snowfall yet.

The in laws visited each other today. She was very happy to see him and I guess he to visit with her, but everyone was ok about leaving to return to their separate rooms. She fell again today, but the staff said no injuries and that she got up too quick and didn't have her walker.

Tomorrow we will go to the food stores to get us enough food to get us through the rain/possible ice-snow event. It is a tradition for Texans and others in the South so I've been told lately.

I got a subscription to Southern Living for Christmas and I had forgotten how much I really liked that little magazine. There is an article this month that describes how to buy sheets. Since all the new thread count sheets came about I've been sort of lost. Percale is the word I couldn't remember and that makes all the difference. Anyway they have lots of delicious looking recipes, and how to grow clematis. I've always wanted to try that plant and if I can grow it in a large pot with a cool wrought iron tripod thingy, that would work.

My cousin, Pyewacketcat, is going to come over Sunday so we can play with our saved seeds and plan our flower gardens. I can't remember if I gave her a bunch of seeds from the pink daisies last year or not. It would be a good time to cook something fun, too.

Stay warm and dry, if you can.


  1. Hi Amber,

    AM in Dayton, OH, now, but will try to travel home to Oklahoma tomorrow. It's probably a mistake, but I sure would like to get to spend a few days at home before returning to Ohio.

    Hope all is well for you and that your health continues to improve.

    Best wishes,


  2. Doesn't Southern Living have the best recipes??
    Hope you miss the weather, we are still scheduled for it. I am ready regardless.

  3. I used to really enjoy Southern Living magazine too! It's a good one! I don't get ANY magazines by subscription anymore... I found most of them were barely getting glanced at anymore, so I quit getting them. I still buy them in the grocery store from time to time... but not very often. It's just sO darned easy to look things up on the internet when I WANT to know something, that I sometimes forget there's things that I didn't even KNOW I wanted to know! LOL!

    I have to go to the grocery store today or tomorrow to get re-stocked. I always put it off until we are down to NOTHING... but we are supposed to get snow on Saturday and I don't want to try to get out in THAT to do it! Besides... by then all the bread and toilet paper will be gone. :)

    Glad the IL's got to see each other yesterday and all went well.

  4. Did the shopping yesterday. It was a good shopping even if I am still exhausted!

  5. I used to get Southern Living, too, but gave up my subscriptions to most of my magazines. I pick them up at flea markets lots of times. I love "This Old House" Magazine. It has to many good tips. I love a clematis, too. I have three started in my yard. Mine have done great with some sun and some shade. They like the bottom of the vine being covered where it comes out of the ground with leaves or mulch. We have a winter weather watch out for the weekend. You can have my snow!

  6. Skeeter, I know you have sense enough to check the weather before you take off driving in it...just be sure to use it. :)

    I subscribed to SL on Amazon and they were having a deal on it. I thought $5.00 was just fine for a year subscription. I'd quit taking any magazines while I was finishing up my degree...just no time to read them + my eyes were tired from reading textbooks. I like SL, cuz it is a small magazine and it is good. It takes a long time to read Martha Stewart's Living...gah!

    Everyone stay warm and safe. There is a tornado warning out, too...just to go with the other weather warnings.

  7. Hope you don't get too much rain,
    A good post to read as always.

    Take care.

  8. Hi Amber,

    Am crossing my fingers for the flights to go tomorrow, but am expecting to have to spend the weekend in Dayton rather than going back home to Oklahoma.

    SL is a great publication. I haven't read it in awhile though.

    Best wishes,


  9. I'm looking at about 8 " snow and no telling what's under it. It is kinda pretty. I stuck my big brused toes barely out the front door to snap a few snow shots to share later.

    Husband had to get out and see if his new boots were truly insulated and waterproof. He still has them one so guess they are.

    I am tired from end of month checkbook to qUICKEN + 1ST OF MONTH posting. Then I tried to duplicate my mother's porcupine balls. Recipe was good but not exactly hers. Will keep trying. She was a pinch this and that dump cook so finding exactly her secrets is hard. She didn't like to cook but she had a few things that were favorites with her family. AND SHE COULD COOK GOOD BISCUITS, a secret talent she never passed on to her oldest daughter.

    Ejoy your new magazine. I read it in my physician's office.

  10. I'm going to have to take some magazines to my doc's office. All he has in there is a bunch of golf and fishing magazines...or magazines geared toward new/expectant mothers. Well, I don't fit any of those categories, so I'll be taking him a load of good reading material next time around.