Monday, January 25, 2010

Out on The Town

I'm going to my knitting group tonight for the first time in a month. So far today I've felt pretty well. I'm such a gad about. I actually did finish up some projects, but haven't started anything I'll be the one trying to figure out a new project....hopefully nothing as horrifying as
Felix just saw.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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This LOL Cat just cracked me up. Hope it gets you laffin, too.

And to show you I can think on a more serious level. This page about Free Speech is a good one to check out. I'm not happy with the punch in the gut the Supreme Court dealt us the other day.

Kate over at Shambles Manor had this on her blog today.

You Are a Zebra

You are unique and flexible. There's no denying your individuality.

And while you are very original, you're also good at blending in. You strike a fine balance.

You are a fast thinker and you move with agility. You don't hesitate when action is required.

You put the needs of your clan or group first. You are attentive to your family and friends.


  1. Glad you are out and about. Today we went to Branson on our previously postponed trip to outlet malls for shoes.

    The rest of the week looks downhill weatherwise. The wind today was strong and very cold. We had snowflakes falling with the sun shine.....Thursday looks to be a bad day or night.

  2. Thursday is supposed to be a bad one for us, too, NW1. Wind, snow, ice, maybe more.

    Look at it this can model your shoes for each other. :)

  3. Glad you are getting out. I am a zebra. The cat pictures are always so funny. It has done a little bit of everything here today. We had sun, snow, sleet, and rain and wind like a blizzard during the snow. That's Kentucky weather!

  4. I too have had moments like that cat:)
    I am a Lion and it was quite dead on. Funny how those things work.

  5. Judy, We are still on for Thursday, but they are saying about 9pm for the storm. I would like to see some more snow this year.

    I've had a few moments like that cat, too. The zebra is pretty much like me, too.

  6. Pleased you are out and about, I went out today for the first time since arriving home from Spain....brought back a sore throat and cold. Loved the cat.
    Have a good time at your knitting club.
    Take care.


  7. That was on Thom's blog the other day too... I was a hippopotamus ... I thought "how fitting". LOL!

    Have FUN out with your knitting ladies tonight! I'm so happy your feeling better enough to get out and play!

  8. Things are starting to look up on my health front. Not so much with the in laws. I'm starting to worry about them again. I'm thinking that place isn't as good as we were told.

    It is going to be colder than blue blazes here on Thursday and Friday.

  9. Hi Amber,

    Sounds like you're feeling a little better. Hope so. The LolCats was funny. Love that site.

    Best wishes,


  10. Sorry you've been sick for so long. Glad that you are feeling better now. I took your African animal and I'm a Zebra too.

  11. Lazy Daisy,
    I have allergies and Texas has an extra allergy season. When get a lot of cedar and in Austin, our captial, they call it cedar sickness. That is what it is, I'm sure.