Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starting to Feel Like Jack Bauer...sort of

This morning the assisted living people called to tell my husband they had sent his dad to the hospital. I had the phone unplugged, because I'm sleeping in the front bedroom...the cold and all, so I didn't hear the phone at all. He was in the shower and didn't hear it either. Instead of leaving a message they just called the ambulance and sent him off. The ambulance called the destination hospital to tell them what they had and they diverted them to another hospital where there was a neurologist on staff. A ton of drama and he has an eye infection and possibly a stress related rash on his neck...they didn't really know about that. I'm sort of speechless. This all started at 7:30AM and he has now (left at 3ish) gone to pick up his mother at the other hospital, because the assited living that costs a FORTUNE/month doesn't have a transfer car except on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm ready to tell them to wait until Tuesday or Thursday to send our folks to the hospital, and that the outpatient clinic would be fine....or even their doctor's office would be really nice.

My husband is furious with them. The administrator had acted sort of like a horse's rear about the loaner bed they let my mil use until we could bring a twin one up there. It has been over a week now since my son and husband took the bed and all the twin bed linens up there and the loaner bed is still in the room, exactly like they left it. Hubby will be having a chat with him next week.


  1. Amanda and I were talking the other day and she said she was working at one of the Nursing homes in Annapolis last week (doing skin cancer screenings) and they had a bunch of information on the assisted living centers "and Mom they do this and mom they do that and they have games and exercise days and the people really ENJOY it" ... and I told her her grandmother is waaaaaay too far gone for assisted living and to FORGET it! I started telling her about all your parents have gone through and she was like "Oh! I never thought of all that!"... yea. I love that my kids don't want ME taking care of Mom... but right now this IS the solution! And when she gets to the point where I can't take care of her - then into a NURSING home she goes! No ifs ands or buts about it! But we hope she dies first - of natural causes! (not me pushing her down the stairs or something!) :P

  2. My best frind and I have a saying we will both end up as roommates in a nursing home together with Alzheimmer's and not even know it.

    There is another part to that euphorism we have between us, but it is not political correct so it is omitted.