Monday, January 11, 2010

No news today

There is no news about my mil, except they xrayed her sinuses and that wasn't it. Her foot is still swollen and her toes sort of blackish and she still hurts and the doctors can't find out what is wrong. She is not diabetic, either. My husband went to visit this afternoon hoping to catch the doctor, but alas it didn't happen. I do not understand this freaky hospital. It is a major hospital and has a great reputation. He has left a message with their primary physician about what all is going on, but they didn't return his call.

Hubby stopped by to see his dad and the aide had put him to bed just before. They talked for a bit and he asked her why she wasn't using the Chux he had bought so that if there was an accident during the night all of the sheets and bedding didn't have to be washed. She was unaware they were in the bathroom.

Bless his heart he got three things accomplished today and that made it a really good day for him. He found out how to get an address change for his parents for the IRS. There were two others but I can't remember right now.

The cold lingers on in my head and chest. I didn't get much done today.


  1. I hope you will get the answers you require regarding Mil. Please take care yourself these colds and chest infections have a habit of hanging around.
    Will be thinking of you all.


  2. Whatever is wrong with MIL, black extremities does not sound good at all. Hope the medical staff gets with it!

    Sometimes passive treatment, rather than agressive treatment is doled out to elderly. It will be worse under the healthcare legislation IF I understand it, and I may not

  3. This cold really has a grip on you. I hate to be sick. I hope you feel much better soon and they also find out what is wrong with you mil.
    It is supposed to get above freezing here tomorrow. They have been telling us that everyday for a week! I must get out today and go do some errands. Thinking of you and hoping things are much better soon.

  4. Sounds like she (or somebody) dropped something on her foot. Old people bruise soooo easily... but she might be fortunate to have strong bones that don't break easily??? MAYBE??? I dunno. I think it's CRAZY they way these doctors and hospitals take advantage of old people and their INSURANCE to do any and every test known to man for something that has nothing to do with the complaint! Has she ever had gout? (I know YOU have!) I guess that's not it... I really don't know. I do know that Mom gets absolutely HORRIFIC bruises that NONE of us know how they happened... and I am right here with her all the time. Sometimes we get a clue if her side table is spilled over in the morning or something like that... but sometimes we just have no idea... and she can't remember to TELL us anything. It's HARD caring for someone with NO memory!

  5. Hi Amber,

    Wow, hope you can shake this cold and get to feeling better soon. The weather is turning a little warmer up here north of the red river. Maybe you will feel the warmth there soon too.

    Best get well wishes,


  6. Melli,
    The bruises come from when we age. The skin becomes thinner and almost anything will bruise the place. Right now I have a few on my wrists that I finally figured out were from them hitting the tray where my keyboard is. When I was working people kept asking about the bruises. I finally told them "kinky sex". They didn't bother me about it anymore. *evil grin*

    They have xrayed her foot, done a CAT scan on her head, done all the tests to make sure there isn't another blood clot.

    Mell, I didn't have gout. The doc in the box thought I had gout. The rheumatologist confirmed I have rheumatoid arthritis, which is a real drag. Probably the methotrexate and prednisone I take for it is why the cold is hanging on so long. I know the predisone is not helping my figure any at all. I look like a cow these days.

    It is so frustrating when they can't remember to be able to tell us what happened.

  7. Oh I hope things start to look up for you MIL. Saying prayers.