Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our part of Gustav just blew through....

Our part of Hurricane Gustav just blew over us. The wind has been blowing a lot today, but it has been sunny and hot until just a few minutes ago when it started raining like crazy. Ok..it isn't like on the coast, but it was noted up here in the DFW area that it truly was Gustav.

You can sort of see the rain in the pool...sort of...trust me it was raining pretty good out there.
The deluge in the backyard was notable, although did not last too long.

On the front porch my wind sock is blowing...showing the wind from the north

I thought I'd gotten a picture of our neighbor's house across the street where they are putting on a new roof today. The paper wrappers the shingles come in were blowing all the way over into my backyard earlier today. It wasn't on the camera though and I wasn't going back out to snap another one with all the workers looking at me.


  1. I'm glad Gustav hurried through!

  2. Well you got more than we did!!

  3. WHY NOT??? Boy! I would have! LOL!
    I'm glad he just passed through! And I'm glad to see PJ was okay too!

  4. I told you I was sending you our rain! Finally got there! LOL!

  5. Thank you all. We have sort of enjoyed the breezy day and the bit of rain we got. I'd have loved a little more storm, but that will come a little later on in the fall.

    Thank you so much Maribeth for sending the rain. We do need it for sure.

  6. Glad Gustave didn't linger or do any real harm in your area.