Sunday, August 3, 2008

Circular knitting

Today I've been looking at several of the you tube knitting videos and some are way better than others. I don't know or understand the continental knitting stitch and probably never will. Just don't go there. I got so confused on a circular knitting needle video my brain nearly shut down. There was another one where I finally figured it out. Last week sometime I bought some yarn that said to knit it on circular needles, cast on 106 stitches and knit 11 rows. Well, that sounded just wonderful so I rushed out and bought some of those needles. I started casting on and noticed that everything was all tangled up. I stopped and started again thinking that if I just kept my stuff straight it would all be good. It wasn't. I took them back.

This website has some good videos about how to knit and all the ins and outs. There is the most adorable hat pattern there that I must do. It will require my buying another set of circular needles. One weird thing about the circular ones is that they make a stockinette stitch! How cool is that!

Here is the link to Knit Picks. Here is the link to the you tube one.

Here is the you tube hat one.

The kid is back today, but not for knitting. She brought a movie....real high brow..."Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo". See ya'll later.


  1. Oh good grief! I'm barely ready (as a matter of fact I'm NOT ready - haven't bought the needles yet!) to try STRAIGHT needles and you're already moving on to circular ones? Nope! This class moves MUCH to fast for me! LOL!

  2. Hi Amber, Thanks for all the great comments. I am glad you like the music. I love Joan Baez, too. My twin daughters spent the day with me on Saturday. We had a great time catching up and pigging out! Have a good week.