Monday, August 11, 2008

A fine time was had by all

It was a fun day at the in laws and the little family early birthday party for our grandson. Our son had cooked a brisket and beans and had dinner almost ready when we got over there today. We didn't have to do anything to help. That was truly lovely. Our grandson acted like a gentleman today with only a couple of slips. We are going to try to take him to the IMAX before they leave to go on vacation before school starts. However, he liked "The Mummy" with Brendan Fraser when he was over not so long ago that we may take him to see "The Mummy-Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" . Anyone seen it? I'll have to talk to hubby in the morning to see if what is showing at the IMAX is something a 7 year old would like. I thought that movie was showing there, but it wasn't listed. I love going to the IMAX and it has been a very long time since we have gone. It would be fun.

BTW-the big fish was a biggo hit with him! He really liked it. He liked a lot of other stuff, but the fish was something he loved. I'm starting to worry a bit about his infatuation with all things Star Wars and he won't even consider any other hero type stuff. He won't watch Spiderman, or Batman or anything unless it is Star Wars related. This might be something my son needs to really take a look at.

It will be a day or so before the pictures get downloaded to the computer, and I made a little knitted hat to go with one of the scarves after I got home. It is nearly midnight and here I sit typing. Also, I am really tired tonight...and thinking sleeping in late tomorrow morning would be nice.

Had a visitor to the blog today who used to live near where I do who has retired and moved to the Pacific Northwest where it is cool and lovely and the have petunia baskets on the streetlight posts in August. I'm so envious it isn't moral. That is just more lovely weather than one part of the country ought to get. We are hoping for some rain to break our heat. It was 104 today and that is just HOT.

See you all when I get around to the next post. Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. "The Mummy-Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" is just as wonderfully funny as all of Fraiser's Mummy movies have been. I just saw it last week and had a great time.

  2. I love the IMAX, too. We went to see Journey Down the Nile in Cincinnati and it was great. I knew he would like that pillow. Don't worry about the Star Wars thing. Years ago, my son was exactly the same way. He is 40 now and still likes the movies but is not obsessed with it. He used to have everything Star Wars when he was little and like your grandson was not interested in anything else.

  3. Sounds like fun. My daughter is down your way this week on business. I told her to prepare for high temps.

  4. It was 71 degrees here today and GORGEOUS! Blue skies and gentle breezes! We went to a garden/park a couple of counties over and had a GREAT time today -- just Mom & me... I killed my battery IN the camera so I have to wait for it to charge to get picks OUT of the camera! LOL!

    I'm so glad the FISH was a hit! I knew it would be! Grandma's knOw what their grandkids like! :)

    I'm not a BIG movie fan ya know - but I DO like going to the IMAX! Specially if it's something about sharks or sea life... I did NOT like the one about roller coasters! Even though I'm a HUGE FAN of roller coasters - the IMAX movie made me dizzy! Is THAT crazy or what? I ride the real ones, but the movie makes me dizzy... sheeesh!