Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day to dust and think...the important things from time to time

I'm sort of taking a day off today to get caught up on some chores that have been being put off for a while. We've been keeping the tv on watching the news coverage of Gustav and hoping it won't be as bad as Katrina. Cleaning some too in case my kids need shelter from the storm. Some live on the Gulf coast and may be impacted. The weather news said it may come all the way up here in the DFW area, but not as a hurricane. We have had tropical storms make it up here before, but it has been a very long time. I was in the 9th grade when one came over and it rained so much the water went over the overflow at one of the lakes. That was one of two times that has ever happened.

Knitting is progressing well. I'm starting to notice ads where there is something knitted and wondering what they used to knit. There is one that I think it is silk cord and it is in stockinette stitch done on large needles. I love it. I bought some fake fur stuff today to make my girls some fun scarves. I'm thinking the knitting is calling to me and the call of the dusting is fading into the distance. Yep...I'm pretty sure the lure of the knitting needles is winning this one. Just wait until I take that class in October and get the circular needles figured out.

See you guys tomorrow. If you are in the Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama area or anywhere on the gulf coast... God be with you and you will be in my prayers.

On a very much less serious note this just cracked me totally up or maybe we have been sort of nervous the past few days thinking about the hurricane. Hope you think this is funny, too.


  1. That cat is hilarious! I hope you or your family are not touched by the storm. I, too, am thinking of those people on the coast tonight. I can't quit watching it on t.v. I pray they all survive this storm.

  2. LOL! Yup! It's funny!

    Boy! You guys are worried about Gustav - and now Sandy is worryin' about Hanna maybe coming up her way... Geeez... and I'm kinda HOPIN that maybe one will at least come north enough to give me a few good STORMY days while I'm at the beach! We'll see......

    I guess PJ is packin' up too...

    I hope everybody stays safe and dry!

  3. I 'gree with Judy that cat is hilarious ! yer doing swell with yer knitting - I wish I could get excited 'bout something... I've got a dose of 'the blues' why ? Lord only knows - I have nothing to be 'blue' about... I should be thanking God I'm not in the same position as these poor folk who have bad weather coming! never mind it'll soon be Christmas - arrgghh ! Is anyone else wondering how we'll get through
    it? I suppose we will all survive and everyone will be pleased with their presents 'spesh the children but OH my! I must be gettin' really old to be wondering 'how we will get by'... It just seems like it is soooo commercialised and it's getting so expensive - this blasted oneupmanship and buying bigger and better pressies drives me CRAZEEE ! Lordy ! we all should be grateful to be here with family and all never mind buying bigger and better pressies - argghh ! Oh God - Help me to stay sane and keep my head when the rest of them are losing theirs - AMEN.. and keep everybody safe ! AMEN again !
    Cheers to All, Love Kate xxx.

    and if ya hear of an ancient lady running about daft and doolally in Scotland in the next few days - you'll know who it is... Cheers !

  4. I too have been watching the storm. Have family on the Gulf Coast that were caught in Rita and out of their home for months. They headed for Dallas for this one.

    I can identify with your knitting situation. That's why I never get housework done, between knitting and blogging.

    Be patient with yourself. If I had a nickel for every time I've walked away from knitting in frustration I'd be a very wealthy woman.

    Ripping out is a part of knitting that you cannot escape if you want to be a good knitter. The sooner you can come to peace with that the easier it will be on you.

    Don't push yourself. The goal in knitting is not how many pieces you can turn out but are you turning out nice pieces. Pieces that please you, that you feel good about. Turning out a lot of fast simple pieces does not usually bring the satisfaction of finishing a more difficult piece, every though it's a slower process.

    Happy knitting. Stick with it and you'll be glad you did.

  5. I do agree with you that Biology is not boring - the professor however is extremely BLAND. lol It just drives me a little nuts. I am completely fascinated with how biology and chemistry and physics tie into forensics and car accidents (the physics) and all of that other stuff!

    By the way - the cat picture is HILARIOUS! My roommate's boyfriend collects pictures of "LOL Cats" and that is one of the funniest ones i've seen!

  6. Amber -- you know that housework is never really done. Go ahead and let it wait while you knit -- unless of course the dust bunnies are growing teeth. They simply must be tamed before that happens!

    Don't forget Punny Monday!

  7. and ah yes - I am beginning to realize that I get my quirky side from my mother. Figures she has helped me do ridiculous things in the past (such as climbing onto my roof to scare the crap out of my brother at his bedroom window) - it's just how we do! :)

  8. Hi there, Call over at my site to collect a wee pressie OK ?
    Cheers Kate xxx.

  9. We may get some rain tomorrow, but I don't believe anything to exciting will come of Gustav from a Texas perspective. Guess my new siding will have to