Monday, August 4, 2008

Eduardo on the way

Talked to my daughter a while ago and they are getting ready for the tropical storm, Eduardo that will be coming in late tonight. She lives near Galveston, so they are right in the path of the storm. He was at home putting patio furniture away and she was at her office trying to send faxes about being closed. IMed my friend in Galveston and she is stocking up on beer and ice and icing down the beer. I love her attitude about all this!

This may be a storm that doesn't cause a lot of damage and may bring us some relief from the horrid heat up here in north central Texas. We've had 16 straight days of over 100 degree heat and we are all worn out with it.

My cat has even come in from outside. She likes to sleep in the shade on the patio. I sometimes think it is like a heating pad for her little elderly kitty bones. I'm sure she has arthritis, too. She has even started sleeping in her little kitty bed that has the catnip package inside the bed. When she first got it she soooo loooved it. She bit it and rolled in it and loved it. Then she didn't love it so much and it got put away, and we thought she just didn't like it anymore. Then this summer she started sleeping on all the patio furniture...and I mean all the patio furniture while she was shedding. At that point we put her little bed outside under the patio cover and rejuvenated the catnip secret place. Now she loves it again...mostly. I have to go now and blow the cat hair out of the computer and roller it off me. I just had a kitty love attack while I was writing this. pffttt


  1. Our shepherd, Fritz is shedding like crazy. I cannot keep up with all that dog hair!

  2. I hope you all get some cooler weather and no damage for your friends or relatives. It has been hot here but not that hot. We are hoping to get some rain on Wed. or Thurs. We need it, too. My yard crunches when you walk on it.

  3. Oh my... I hope daughter and PJ are both safe in Galveston! PJ hasn't posted in forever!!! All of my animals just love to sleep on the couches! Well... wait... no... Freedom likes to sleep on the hood of the car!

  4. I hope you and yours are safe and well!