Thursday, June 26, 2008

the actual ruler of this house

PhotobucketThis is our cat called variously Got-e-bo, by her previous choice of owners and then The Doppleganger by my daughter, because she looked just like the cat we had before. This cat would come to our house and hang out before we took her in she moved in with us. I tried to call her Daisy for a while, but it didn't fit. Now she is ' in the cartoons. She lived with my neighbor down the street, but they got a dog....hiss...and that was unpardonable to this little cat.

She only weighs about 4 pounds, but is healthy. I asked my neighbor the other day how old she is...the cat not the neighbor...and she thought for a moment and said, "Well, she was born under Sean's crib, so she is 18 years old!" She, the cat, is a good one. We get headbutts and kitty kisses when we return from a trip, but only after she has made us feel pretty bad about leaving her with only the kid to feed and water her twice a day. Our daughter, who has her own home and job, actually sits with her and once turned on the sleep timer on the tv for her so it would seem as if we were home. It made Puddy all calm and we were told. My husband saw her checking out another neighbor's house the other day. He was sort of worried she might be thinking of moving on to live with them.


  1. Pretty kitty! Eighteen, wow! She looks pretty bright -eyed and healthy for a cat that old.

    PErhaps she thinks your new cute little freezer is another pet, and she's moving on because of it .... :)

  2. That's one pretty kitty! 18 years old! Wow!

  3. This one does look like she has some cali-tude! have a nice Sunday..:)