Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today I found a cool blog about shed workers and the sheds they have. It is located at

It was listed as a blog of note by blogger and it truly has some very cool sheds. There is a picture of Mark Twain's office/shed. I want one.

Our shed is for our garden tools and random stuff. Here is a picture of it as it is today. After looking at all the really cool sheds I'm pretty sure it needs to be fixed up a bit. There is a wind vane on the top of ours that we really use a lot. In Texas it is important to know when the wind changes and from which direction it is from. Don't think you can see it in this picture, though. My sister gave it to me probably 20 years ago. Our shed is in a part of the yard not readily seen from the house unless you know where to look, but I like it very much. Plans are forming as I type for this little shed....even though I'll never work from it....no electricity and no a/c.


  1. I like the IDEA of a shed... but find that I don't really like HAVING them! They get full of bugs and webs and become one more thing that needs to be cleaned! LOL! Hubby has a 3 car garage though -- that holds zero cars! It does hold 3 motorcycles, 2 lawn tractors and his wood shop though! And all the "other stuff" that WOULD go in a shed! That works for me! (so would an apartment over the garage!)

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