Thursday, June 19, 2008

Granny would so like to get down

Wow! The past couple of days have been bizzy! Meetings and appointments galore, and next Monday is going to be one of those all day things. It is so good to have things to do and places to go, though. Went for the bone density test today and....well, I might say there is a possiblity it won't be too great. The tech didn't say anything, but by the time I left my back was not in a happy place.

Which brings me to the next thing I was thinking about tonight after watching "So You Think You Can Dance". Oh my gracious, if I was 40 years younger, and a lot more limber that hip hop crumping style would be all mine. I LOVE IT....can't do it, but there is just so much raw power in the dance. While the judges were deciding who had to leave there was a hip hop singer named Flo Rida that flat blew me away....even with this ole back I was trying to dance while putting up dishes. Such a waste this style didn't show up until now. I'm pretty sure there aren't any other ole white, anglo-saxon ladies who probably get off on that style, but I dig sure Flo Rida is the man. He has a new album called "Mail On Sunday and he sang "In The Ayer" tonight on SYTYCD. He rocked!

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  1. ROFLMBO! Well... I can just SEE you Hip Hoppin' around the kitchen! Guess I'm gonna have to go YouTube Flo Rida! LOL! Hope your scan is better than you think!!!