Friday, June 6, 2008

windy days

Yesterday and last night and probably for the next few days the wind will be just crazy strong. Last night we were losing power off and on so no new posts. I took some pictures yesterday that I'll try to get posted sometime today...granted the power is working and the internet connection is, too.

Going to get my eyes checked has been a while since I've had new lenses.

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  1. Yea... I think that wind is blowing in our INCREDIBLY HOT air this weekend! *whew*

    I gave UP having my eyes checked! LOL! I NEED trifocals but can't seem to wear them and so I'm equally blind whether I have lenses or not! I just keep my singles for driving - and the rest of the time I just use what the good Lord GAVE me! They SAY Lasik is my solution -- but I don't SEE this happening! I'm a chicken!