Sunday, June 22, 2008

nightmares....or the freezer went out

Ugh and blech...our freezer died last night or maybe a few days ago or sometime. I'd thought to fry some fish today and when hubby went out to get it...the odor was fierce. Only the fish was smelly...all the other food was still frozen and seems to be ok. It is ridiculous that the two of us have a full size gigantic freezer in the garage like we did when there were three ravenous kids living here. We only cook for the two of us, unless it is a holiday....and then Katy bar the door and the whole food thing gets out of hand. I cook as if there will be an influx of strangers at our table to eat with us and our holiday table is laden with such a bounty as to make a Victorian family proud.

Our bunch is actually pretty small though. We had three children and only one is married with one son. The other two have significant others and then there are my husband's parents, so, there is the possibility there could be 12 for dinner and other meals during holidays. That is a presentable family number. I mean when the kids were very small it occurred to me that there could be a Malthusian principle thingy leading to catastrophic happenings when they got older and married and had their own children. I had a little too much time on my hands when I was younger and would read my husband's college textbooks for fun. Later when we got all the kids through college I went back to get my degree and it wasn't so much fun reading my own textbooks, except for a few and that few never included math textbooks which are just evil. My husband was a happy man when I finished my last math class. He was a math major and helped me with all of the math and chemistry and stats classes I took.

Basically I would get fairly woozy just thinking about all that could happen populationwise with my family back then. If my three had three kids plus a mate and their three had three, well, I'd have to have a MUCH bigger house or at least a ginormous dining room to feed them in. This anxiety must have had an effect on our kids, because only my son married and they only had the one child. Thus much ado about nothing in that area, and my husband is an only child and I am, too except for my three half siblings who didn't grow up with me nor did we share holidays that much. So, I have enough dishes and places for everyone and could mix and match to include half siblings. My sister has always told me she was going to write a book called, "My Sister Was An Only Child". Look for a blog by that name coming soon.

So, anyway back to the freezer situation we did go out and buy a new one to allay my food anxiety never know when one of them could marry someone with a bunch of kids, but we only bought a small freezer, 5 cubic feet instead of something huge. Hopefully that will keep my buying habits in check while still providing some extra food storage. However, we will not be eating fish tonight or for a very long time. It was not a fun task throwing away so much and we aren't sure if the dump takes household garbage. We may be sneaking around looking for a dumpster tonight.


  1. Girlfriend you are a hoot and a half. Who knew they would actually teach anxiety futuristic mathematics. Haven't heard "Katy bar the door" in ages. Sorry about your freezer and the smelly mess. I feel your pain all the way in Virginia. Your sister's blog name sounds hilarious be sure to link her so we can defend you!

  2. My fridge went out twice, now I have two just in case! Have a good week..:)