Sunday, June 8, 2008

other gardens

Lately I've had the "wanderlust" so bad and we really need to get away for a little while. We will probably go somewhere close to home because of the gas prices these days.

Last fall we went to Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas where there is this fine bridge. It is constructed of, it appears, 2x4s turned sideways that have been curved into an s shape. This bridge is just is so beautiful to me with the weathered wood and lovely shape.

The Anthony Chapel is in the garden, too. It is constructed of glass and wood and that is about it besides the floor We saw it just before we left the garden late in the afternoon about five pm. It is available for would be like getting married in a forest. Follow the link to see much more beautiful pictures of the chapel than I could take with a hand held camera.

Below is my husband walking up the hill next to the fabulous stacked stone wall...he never saw it, but I took a lot of pictures of it, too.

The garden is on Lake Hamilton, which I think is a beautiful lake. I'm sure there are more beautiful lakes, but it was here we decided to buy a boat. Haven't got it yet, but still thinking.


  1. Gorgeous scenery. I would like to cross that bridge and say a prayer in that chapel.

  2. I remember the pictures of that chapel! It is sooooo cool! We have a semi-similar bridge - on a smaller scale - at Annemarie Gardens near us. The one in your pictures is MUCH better though! I hope you guys get away soon! I know that NEED to wander -- it drives me crazy sometimes!!!

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