Saturday, May 21, 2011

Step On A Crack..

Thank all of you for your concern and I wasn't in a car accident or anything. It can happen without warning Compression Fracture of a Vertabrae. I was looking to try to figure out how long it will take for the mess to heal. I've heard that surgery is not really the best way to go. I had just finished sweeping the patio last fall when I experienced the most awful pain and it has been downhill from there for a long long time. I still hurt a great deal, but am able to walk some without the walker.

A couple of docs told me it might be a parathyroid adenoma, a non malignant tumor of the parathyroid gland. I went through a bunch of unreal tests last Tuesday that showed some small black areas. I sent an email to all my kids and cousins. It is a cartoon so as not to overly alarm them. Parathyroid Symptoms. I haven't made up my mind about what to do, but am sort of leaning in the direction of nothing right now.

I cannot tell you how much I love my husband these days and what a wonderful man he is to take me to all the appointments (I don't drive anymore because of the pain meds), he helps me with a shower, and getting dressed. He is a super guy. I knew that, but he really has come through during this time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Days of our lives

Things are a little better in my little world of illnesses. I have 7 fractured vertabrae so I've not been running around much lately...or much of anything else for the past few months. I know a LOT about tv, though not soap operas.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and hopefully I'll be better soon.