Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things To Do On Cold Days

Well, how is the New Year treating you?  It has been ok around here.  Ribs are better and we got snow for Christmas, so we can't complain.

We bought a new car yesterday and that was an exercise in patience and endurance on our part and the salesman's part.  We didn't want to pay nearly what he wanted us to pay and so we went back and forth for hours.  He even found another brand of car for me to drive.  I drove three different cars during our time there.  I wanted a Honda Fit and that is what I eventually bought, but dang there was a lot of dickering and haggling around.  I noticed the salesman started agreeing with me when we drove the different cars.  If I said this one is not as quiet or is bumpier on the road, he would agree.  Sneaky ploy there.   My husband got the salesman down to nearly what we wanted to spend and so we caved.  We had to go to the guy who deals with the title and such.  Another challenge opened up there.  The Raven and Colts game was on tv as we went his office.  The Ravens scored while he was trying to get me to sign documents.  He was a good talker and I was speed reading while we were signing.  There were some issues that he had to change or explain.  When we left I think everyone in the building was walking around by the doors as we left.  It was an interesting day.

I was thinking about it later yesterday evening and my husband and I have an amazing ability to stay on task until we get pretty much what we want.  When we upgraded our phones last spring we nearly put the poor guy in shock it took so long.  We have nothing else that is very important these days, so we can hang in there.  There are two of us and we can spell each other when one needs a break.  We don't do it to be cruel, but just to get what we want.  It is the nature of the game and there is nothing wrong with that for sure.    He is from Oregon up near Idaho and has been in Texas for eight years.  His children are in high school.  It was terribly cold where they used to live and he probably thought we were real ninnies about the cold front that blew in while we were there.  He reminds me of a friend of our family, Tom.  The salesman was flattered, because I told him we are fond of Tom and think he is a good guy.  So, the art of selling and buying has been dealt with for a while.  We have a new fun little car and it will be a while before we have to do that again.