Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to All The Dads Out There

What Father's Day is all about...really

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hungry Owl Project

My cousin sent this link to me last night and I think it is very worthwhile.

The main page is located here This is the hungry owl project main page, and here is the webcam to watch the little owls grow.

The idea is to get land owners and farmers and vinyard owners to not use pesticides on crops incects eat and then the owl eats and then feeds to her owlets. You can get HOP boxes from them for your mama owls. But be sure to check out the webcam.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More of the story of Sick Ole Amber and Her Daughter's Encounter

Oh Lord...I don't even know where to start. It has been so long since I've posted my blog has spider webs. The past week has been full of appointments with various doctors and labs....and sleep studies. And to top it all off with a bright red cherry....I have a bright red rash that my new primary doesn't know what the hell it is. He did get me an appointment with a dermatologist for next Tuesday, but that is a long time when your body from your knees to the top of your head itch like MAD. He told me to take Zyrtec and Claritin....I thought to myself...yeah right. So I took that junk and then some benadryl and then some aloe with lidocaine in it and rubbed all over lightly and some spray Rhulihist and spray Benedryl with more of it and then a pain pill and a trank, courtesy of Dr. Elderly. I'm sure I took some other stuff. If I die it will be nobody's fault except mine. And I didn't, so, basically I'm still hanging in, but my attitude has become sort of rank lately. I was just getting ready to post about my daughter's encounter with the flash flood in Texas when I saw an email from one of my "friends". email has dropped off significantly. Just goes to show ya how much those "Love You" emails are worth. HA! I've told you I'd been back to the hospital for another round of pneumonia which my new primary described as "there was only a small amount of fluid in your lungs, so it was barely pneumonia." What a Dick. I get pretty upset about ANY fluid in my lungs. The night I went to the hospital the first time I think I cracked a tooth, if not there is something very serious going on in that area, too. Well, being unable to make an appt with my dentist I waited until the first of this week to make an appointment. I had thought it was a safe time for that...but the rash came and I will have to cancel in the morning, since we don't know if it is an allergy rash or some foreign country Ebola. I'm sure Dr. Dentist would happily see me when I'm not all spotty. Hopefully I'll be able to get it fixed another time. Upside of this is that I use the water pick and floss after every meal. Diligently!

Oh yeah...Dr. Primary told me I no longer have diabetes after talking to me for three minutes. I just looked at him and asked how did he know that. He started off on some bs rabbit trail so I told him I still use the Lantus and humalog. Those are the injectable meds. Oh, he said. In that case just use the Lantus at night. I just left the old guy doc, because he just wanted to give me pain pills and tranks everytime I came in. I guess, so I'd go away and leave him alone, and I actually wanted to feel well. I'd stayed with him for 37 years and it wasn't for the drugs, either. He really was a great diagnostician....he's so old he'd seen everything in the medical world. Now this one wants to go one on one with me instead of treating me with tlc. He just doesn't know. God forgive me but the first night I was in the ER back in April when they gave me the evil Morphine, I think I cursed out a church pastor. He was asking me to pray with him and I figured I had enough to pray about for myself and he could just pray for himself and I told him so and to "Get Thee hence and the hell out of my room!" At some point he broke into tears. I was stunned by that from someone like him. I couldn't help myself much less him! I haven't seen him since which is unusual because all the new doctors have offices at that hospital. I've run into a lot of people there when going to appointments...even a lady in my knitting group. My husband said it was the ER...I can't figure why my husband allowed him to badger me that night or allow him in my room. He said he thought he was another doctor. I wonder how long it would have taken him to figure out he was a psycho? I may just post this...except I was going another way with my life story. Changed my mind.

ps-I have sleep apnea, too and they put aside a darlin' little blue mask for me. It is to die for. Hell, won't I be a beauty? The first night of the testing I certainly was. I scared myself when I had to get unhitched to go to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My hair was standing up all over my head from the gunk they use to hold the leads to you. The guy had warned me about how hard it is to get the mess off and to get some Goo Gone to get it out of my hair. Hubby went to get some and after reading the WARNINGS it didn't seem like a good choice at all. I found some stuff they had given me at the hospital for a "dry" bath. I figured what the heck...and gave it a whirl. It all came out with no hassle. I can hardly wait to see the pulmonologist on the 21st to get my lovely mask, at least I hope he is the one who has it. After the second night in the sleep lab I was ready to cut and run and did as soon as I could get out of there.

Now to the post I'd meant to write this morning about my oldest daughter. Her fiancee decided going to the wilderness to camp would be about the funnest thing he could think of to spend time with my Her, aka The Princess. She has been a great sport about camping in the past even though she loathes it, but figured if there was a/c in the RV it was sort of ok and there was usually a river close by to swim in. So, reluctantly she agreed to go with him and a bunch of people they know to camp on the Guadalupe River, near Greune, Tx. (prounounced-Green). Very early in the morning Rman woke The Princess and said " tiWe gotta go!!" He is sort of like Tommy Lee Jones or Viggo Mortenson when it comes to man talk. He was serious and she knew it. She didn't think she had shoes with her and only flip flops. He had cut the barb wire between them and a hill with some bolt cutters he had with him. He must have been a boy scout before he was a Marine. Who else would take bolt cutters with them on a camping trip. He told her to hang on tight when they got out and she did. She told me the current was unbelievable, and trying to keep on those flip flops was a real challenge. She had charge of some children of some of their friends and was keeping them rounded up. She said it was surreal walking through a river with Lord knows what in it, climbing the hill in flip flops with kids all around her, lightning crashing on all sides and rain like crazy. Rman had gone back to help others get out safely. There were some people in a tree, but they opted to stay where they were. Wise decision. He did get some others out and one couple were staying on the river pre wedding day. She had her wedding dress, rings, and passport with her in anticipation of a wonderful wedding to remember. It will be remembered alright. All of the wedding stuff was lost. However, the next day a box was found in an upside down trailer and her wedding dress was in the box. Princess told me the box was muddy as all get out, but the dress was spotless white. The rings and passport haven't been recovered that I am aware of. She was very sensitive on the ring issue, because a couple of weeks ago hers went missing while she was cooking. She had put them on the windowsill and then they were gone. Rman only said one word and then he was ok. I told her to get a chain and wear it around her neck like Frodo. A few weeks later TP was hunting sea glass with her maid's daughter when Marti came out with TP's cell. She told her someone was ringing her....the ring was on top of the phone. There was great joy and happiness in that household that night! They have too much time on their hands for sure.

Back to the flood. Rman and TP's RV and truck were the last ones to not get damage. All the ones parked behind them were flooded and they will have to pay for the rented rvs. Worst news ever, except for the family of the gentleman who drowned. I suggested possibly their homeowners or car insurance might pay. We will see.

TP was so upset when I talked to her the next day I could hardly understand her. Actually she was still incoherent from fear and shock I thought she had a bottle of booze and laying in the back seat holding it like a baby. I'm surprised she could speak at all. They were staying with one of Rman's cousins until they could help the other friends get their stuff sorted out. Earlier that day I'd seen the awful pictures of the flood on the news and said..."My daughter was down there camping this past weekend!" I'd forgotten they had planned to stay until Wednesday or Thursday. I just figured out a way for us to save about $50,000. We aren't going to buy an RV for sure. That is also a way to know you are a native Texan, when you have a cousin to who will shelter you at anytime and anywhere. Cousins are very good things to have. God saving your loved ones is even better.