Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grace under fire

Just had a moment to sit down and look at You Tube for a minute...I'd seen this guy in the spelling bee this morning, but if you didn't...he was grace under fire.

I couldn't figure out how to upload it to my blog, but the url is

Spelling Bee Guy

Crazy Day today

Very short post today, because we are going to be so busy getting ready for guests...well, family and friends, tonight. We are having our second little party in two weeks for fun and hambugers....well, it seems there is more to do than I had thought, but it will be ok. If the weather is like last night it will be nice...the humidity had dropped and it was sooo pleasant outside. Got my little "bar" set up last night and my sound radio...set up so we can have a little music tonight. At least the gardening stuff is done....just need to water a few things. Hope everyone has a fun weekend. I'll try to get some pictures if anyone will let me.

No serenity today, but maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Afternoon delight

Thank you all for dropping by today and welcoming me to blogland. Many felt that I'd never find serene days...and I won't. Life isn't like that. It is the differentness of it all that I love, but we did have a serene afternoon this week.

In Texas it get really hot and humid. The past couple of weeks we have set records for heat and humidity. In other words it has been just plain miserable before the magic cut off date of June 1st when there is no more rain until the end of August and everyday is just plain hot.

We had been to the store for something and when we came out to go to the car it didn't seem quite as hot and it was getting cloudy. A little later we noticed it had started raining and went outside to enjoy it while it lasted. It was a very gentle rain and it had cooled off at least 20 degrees. There was some lightning and a little was a just right afternoon shower.
It was so in contrast to the terrible storms that have wracked our country this spring. I'd been hoping for just this sort of without the fear of tornadoes, hail, flooding, and the wind and rain lashing the trees...believe me...I love a good storm, but it was just so pleasant to sit on the covered patio with my husband and listen to the rain. It has been probably five years since I've had the opportunity that I'd be home when we had just that sort of rain and could enjoy it so much. It was beautiful and it left me feeling "serene".

Sometimes we have to take the joy when we can and hope it will come again and that we will recognize it for what it is.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28th...the start

I named this blog Serenity Days, because I'm looking for some days that are serene. Seems like our days have been so busy for such a long time I sometimes wonder what happened to the time.

Just a few months ago I was still working and it seemed hectic all the time, then I decided to quit that and stay home with my retired husband. We did have some fun times after that going to Port Aransas to fish and to Arkansas to walk the woods. Then it was the holidays and that was so much fun, but a lot of work.

In January we volunteered to help start a neighborhood association. I'm the treasurer and although it is less demanding than being the president, there are still a lot of meetings. The need for a neighborhood association came about because of the discovery of gas in our area. Natural gas...the kind that burns in your furnace or your gas range in the kitchen. Well, the gas companies who want to drill in our neighborhood and their "landmen" want to give us much less of a bonus for signing with them than we would like to have our peace disturbed....back to that serenity days thing again. It makes a lot of noise when they are "fracking" the wells. Actually once they get them set up they are pretty quiet, I think. If you know a lot more than me, then please feel free to let me know just how horrifying it is going to be.

My father in law just celebrated his ninety first birthday, and he and my mother in law, who will celebrate her 90th, are still able to live independently, but we don't know for how much longer. She is recovering from a blood clot in her leg and that should be healed by the first part of July. Maybe, we can get out of town for a little while then. Last year was a very rainy year, much to everyone's surprise we actually got sick of rain. No Texan EVER admits it, but I just had to get out of town. We went to New Mexico for a few days and it was so clear, cool, and just plain beautiful I didn't want to come home for a while, but we did.

Anyway, my life is full of randomness and I love it, but I'm still looking for a few days of serenity. Hubby and I forgot today is movie day. We were going to go see the new Indiana Jones movie, but maybe next week will be better. We had some friends and family over last weekend for brats, beer and catching up with each other, but some folks already had plans and couldn't come by. So, I decided to have them over this weekend...and some of the ones who came last weekend are coming back and some new ones have been invited by random people. It should be fun and the best part is the house is still pretty clean and we have food and drink left over from last weekend!