Monday, January 31, 2011


We are supposed to get rain, sleet, snow and gosh awful cold temps! The weather guy said it would be below freezing for more than 84 hours. The upside is the day of the Super Bowl it will be back up to 59 degrees. Texas weather. At least we will have weather that Green Bay and Philly are very familiar with.

Alas, here is another health update. I'm still going to pt and am so freakin' sore it is unbelievable, but she told me at some point it will go away and I'll be very happy. No kidding!

We are all snugged in and ready for the ice and cold. We only have to worry about losing electricity. Our heat is gas, but the blower is powered by electricity. We may have to get creative with sheets and stuff and live in the den with the gas fireplace for heat. Too bad I bought a queen size bed that weighs at least 2 tons, so we won't be dragging it in here. I'm calling dibs on the sofa and he can have the chair, but I'm flexible on that. I just got out of the chair and have changed my mind. The sofa is MINE...and it is raining outside! yay! I'm worse than a child about snow now that I don't have to drive in it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Old Pictures


I should be asleep, but when I dropped by your blog and saw your picture it reminded me of my promise that if I had time I'd post the picture of my great great grandmother. Here she is.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last Sunday we went to the movies, my favorite pastime, getting ready for the Oscars night bonanza. It has been a slow year for us to be up to date on the best movie, or actor, or gaffer. However, I did love "The King's Speech" and hope Colin Firth wins best actor. I've adored him since Bridget Jones' Diary". I'm sure that spurred him on to even greater heights in his career.

I do want to see "The Black Swan" before it leaves the theaters. It just seems that Natalie Portman should be seen on the big screen. Princess Leia's mother just should be seen in all her glory even if she does have "swan flesh" in one of the previews I saw. yuck

I can hardly wait to see Javier Bardem in the movie I don't even know what it is called. Talk about your snub. He was nominated for best actor, but I have no idea for which movie. Guessing it isn't the two I've seen so far. I may even forgive Christian Bale for his rudeness earlier this year if his performance is good enough in his movie. I'm just getting started this cut me some slack for a while, please.

I LOVE movies and have collected a number of DVDs and I love music, too. I have some cds, too. I have cds. Tonight I was looking at some movies they have at Red Box and ironically the movie was called "Red". It looked pretty good. I even liked the way they ended "Medium" the other night. The "Ghost and Mrs. Muir" reference was perfect.

My husband and I like to play "What did that guy/girl play in??" He is getting a lot better than he used to be. I may have to give it up or sharpen up. Tomorrow is grocery day, bank day, and general running errands day. Have a good one! Thursday is back to physical therapy. After last week's sessions my back, hip, and just about everything was hurting so much I couldn't get myself out of my bed or do much of anything. My therapist told me on the phone Monday she will help me get better. right. See ya'll later.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It Is SNOWING!! Finally we are getting some snow!

We have been hearing for days how we might get snow, but more probably rain, but maybe snow...maybe a little bit of it. Right now it has finally started snowing and it is very pretty and is starting to accumulate on the glass table on the patio. Those of us who were born in Texas, and especially in Fort Worth are crazy as bats when it comes to snow. We have to make a trip to the grocery store to lay in enough food to last until the middle of summer and all the while knowing in reality the snow will be gone in a day or two at the most. Children dream of a snow day and their parents have nightmares about snow days. It is a busy time for everyone. My husband and I made the required trip to the store yesterday, so we are stocked up. He has started making chocolate chip cookies.

To make everything perfect we are supposed to get some freezing rain/drizzle/fog on top of the snow/sleet. I can't remember I've listened to so many forecasts this weekend. I do know this; I will not be driving tomorrow. Last Thursday was lunch with the girls day and I thought it would be very brave of me to drive to the restaurant. I haven't driven the new car yet and we've had it since September 9th. If you have been with me for a while that was the time my arm was broken. I've become overly cautious in this period of random near death experiences. So, back to the luncheon, as I was driving home in my little trustworth Avalon when I had a blowout on the back rear tire. Scared the holy crap out of me! I was able to avoid hitting anyone else or winding up in someone's living room. I got the car off the main road and parked in front of a house and called my husband who has become more AAA inclined. It took hours to get my sweet little car home with its foot fixed. I was so rattled that I nearly nodded off to sleep while at physical therapy later that afternoon for my back/ribs/spine. When I get upset a nap is a requirement, but I made it through. Physical therapy has made a world of difference in the pain level the muscle spasms caused.

It is snowing a lot now and I think it is time to go watch the miracle of snow. I'm wishing you a peaceful wonderful Sunday afternoon filled with happiness and small or large miracles. To leave you with a happy thought, my grandson asked for a robe for Christmas. He has never shown any interest in wearing one, but his best bud has a cool green one. I couldn't find a green one, but did find a plush blue furry one that he now sleeps in at night. He loves it as much as the PS3 Santa brought. My dil dropped a hint about a Lego police station he LOVES it, too. Gramma scored this year and must stay on good terms with the dil at all costs. This past year has been a good one in that we have become closer.

Happy is a snow "hurricane" outside now.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing you a Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Hope yours is a fabulous year!

We are planning to spend time with family and friends watching the TCU game. Go Frogs!