Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Hoidays and Let It SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  December 25th is coming quicker than lightning now.  We got lights outside and on the tree, packages wrapped and sent, and cards mailed.  Not so many cookies, cakes or candy this time, though.  I'm seeing Weight Watchers in my future.

We had a early Christmas with our son and his family.  They have gone to Georgia to be with her family for the holidays this year.  We have had them all to ourselves for a number of years.  She takes our grandson and goes home for a couple or three weeks in the summer, so it isn't as if they haven't seen her family for years.  As I've mentioned before none of our kids are coming for the holidays and it is okay with me.  We had planned to go to the movie and out to dinner on Christmas day, but I think I fractured a rib on Wednesday.  I've had a fractured rib before and it was pretty bad, but this seems to be a little more intense.  I talked with the nurse at my doc's office and she thought the same as me.  The treatment is the same if it is bruised or broken.  Time.  I have some pain medication already because of back problems and it helps for sure.  I'd have already been at the ER if I didn't have it.  However, today seems a little worse and I'm hoping she is in the office tomorrow.

Going to the movie is pretty much totally out for me now.  I went to the nail shop yesterday and it didn't go all that well backwise and ribwise.    So, I'm glad we hit all the big shows in town last weekend.  On Saturday my husband took me to see "The Nutcracker".  That has to be true love!  I was all oohing and aahhing over all the little girls in tutus and velvet and taffeta party dresses out with either their grandmother or mother.  They were so sweet.   The ballet was performed well, and the new sets and costumes were lovely.  The Bass Hall was all shiny and pretty and had tables full of souvenirs on green cloths and nutcrackers coming up the middle.  It was festive as could be.

The next morning I saw that my local yarn shop was offering a class about fixing dropped stitches and what to do if your work falls off the needles and how to keep from having a stroke if it happens.  It was a beneficial class for me.  When I got back home I didn't want to watch football, so we went to see "The Life of Pi".  That was a good movie and calls up some theological and philosophical questions we might not have thought about before.  On Monday, our anniversary, we went back to the movie to see "The Hobbit".  I've been a Tolkien fan for more years that I'd like to admit.  We both enjoyed it, but it will be a little while before I'm ready to go back for another movie right away, plus I'm not sure I can sit that long.

On the upside the world didn't end Friday, so that was a relief. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and to all a goodnight.  Oh yes!  I nearly forgot!  The weather man is saying we might have a white Christmas!!  That would really be something.  The last time that happened was in 1841.  Texas was a Republic then.  We had gained independence from Mexico, but had not joined the United States.  Now that is a long time.    Crossing my fingers hoping the weather dude knows what is going on.  Even Wunderground says it is probable. 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rock and Roll Tonight

My last post was titled "Rock On", well, tonight our world rocked, literally.  We were hanging out watching tv and BAM!  I thought a car had hit our house.  We ran around looking around the house, but couldn't find anything.  My husband walked to the end of the block, but couldn't see anyone out.  We finally called one of our neighbors across the street and nobody answered.  Wow...maybe it was an alien and they took everyone.  Maybe...  Anyway I tried another neighbor's phone and they answered.  They felt it and heard it and oh my!  My guess was it was a small earthquake, and come to find out it was.

Our personal earthquake was just south of here.  The epicenter (I never thought I'd have an opportunity to say that in respect to where I live) was just south of us a little in Burleson.  It was a 2.6 magnitude, which isn't much in say California, but in my neck of the woods it is pretty big.

I guess we should have called 911, just about everyone else did.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rock On

Wow!  I've been out of pocket for a very long time.  There were replies from August that hadn't posted.  Somehow or other the thing for me to approve them got turned on.  I don't know.

What I do know is that I've missed reading you guy's blogs and I've missed sharing some of the things going on in my life.  Not that much going on around here.  About all you would have missed would have been a lot on whining and whinging- about the weather.  It has been so hot and dry it has been miserable.  Now aren't you glad I haven't posted.

I started reading Mona's blog about how she gets her Christmas decorations out and thinks she should get rid of a bunch of them.  I'm the same and have enough to decorate a department store, but this year I used restraint.  Our kids are spending Christmas with their other families this year.  We had all of them here last year and you know the mates have families, too.  So they are off on that adventure and we are starting a new adventure here.  This is the first year we have ever been completely alone on Christmas.  We are going to church on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day we are going to the movies.  I've always been sort of envious of families who did go and didn't spend the day cooking and doing dishes.  It will be an adventure to find a restaurant open, but "A Christmas Story" leads me to believe there might be a Chinese restaurant open.  Anyway back to the decorations again.  I promised that if we bought a 4' prelit tree I wouldn't ask to put up the giant one with all the lights and a billion or so balls and ornaments.  It is working out so nicely.  We put some new lights on the greenhouse this afternoon and it looks all cottagey and stuff.  Also on the subject of cottages and that like, if you want a very easy plant that is tough as nails and has survived a couple of record setting hot and dry summers I offer the small and charming Rock Rose.  The only thing it doesn't like is to be cut back.  I'm sure it is in a grand snit right now, because it got a haircut this afternoon.  It gets huffy, but gets over it.

Anyway, if you are around I've missed you and even if you aren't around, I've missed you, too.  I'm making a resolution to blog a little more in 2013.  The fascination with face book has worn off.  All these plans are contingent on surviving the end of the Mayan world.  We were talking about that grim event the other day at lunch and I've been operating on the assumption that TENOTW (The End Of The World) was to take place on 12/12/2012, but my girlfriends assured me it is to be on the 21st.  That doesn't make as much sense, but I guess I'll go along with them on this. 

Rock On and Peace be with you \/  Live long and prosper, too.