Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hungry Owl Project

My cousin sent this link to me last night and I think it is very worthwhile.

The main page is located here This is the hungry owl project main page, and here is the webcam to watch the little owls grow.

The idea is to get land owners and farmers and vinyard owners to not use pesticides on crops incects eat and then the owl eats and then feeds to her owlets. You can get HOP boxes from them for your mama owls. But be sure to check out the webcam.


  1. Very interesting work. I think over here something like that is going on.


  2. Very interesting post and cute little owls.

    With a pet I am ever mindful of pesticides.

    I relented this week for some pest control and had to keep Luckie on leash for half a day as it was in house and outside. I only do it once a year for ants and fleas. As much as possible, I control mosquitoes by eliminating standing water on our property.

  3. NW1,
    We do spray for mosquitos here. We've the ones that transmit West Nile Fever. Also we eliminate standing water and put oil in french drains....I think that is it.

    We don't have any pets now so not much worry. Hardly any animals come into our yard, except the little yellow cat.

  4. I complain bitterly about our county NOT spraying for mosquitoes and horse flies... but I guess I should be glad they don't.

    We used to have owls in the neighborhood... I haven't heard one for years. I wonder if they've gone ... or if I'm just not out in the yard to hear them so much!