Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Birthday Onslaught Begins Soon....

Our grandson's birthday is coming up soon and I talked with his mom this morning to find out was he REALLY wants. He wants a Ripstik....I've seen one before and now we have one for the gift. He won't read this or look at the YouTube about how to and all. He has friends who will show him....who have already shown him without doubt. We had a pretty good time this afternoon watching the YouTubes about how to. *L* I want to put all sorts of gear on him from helmets to pads, but apparently that is just not cool. When they go skiing he will know how to snowboard and be ready for it. Heck, he is ready for it now.

This is what he wants:

I couldn't understand why he didn't want a skateboard. Here is a picture of a really cool one. It is the largest one in the world.


  1. Hi Amber hope you are better, hope your grandson has a happy birthday. They seem to know their own minds today.

    Take care.

  2. Hope your grandson has a good birthday. Glad you posted the videos. I did not even know what you were talking about. lol. Loved the big one!

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandson. I'm sure you could pick up that big one for him pretty cheap.
    That was too funny.

  4. The big one cracked me up. The birthday onslaught begins with his, then mine, then Pye's, then my MIL, then my son's, then someone who isn't going to get a gift if I don't remember soon. Mu daughter's fella's is this Friday. I guess it is a good thing our family isn't larger. My grandmother's was on the tailend of all that. Funny how families seem to have birthday clusters.

  5. WOW! And MY boys thought they knew it ALL about skateboarding! ROFL! That GIANT skateboard is hilarious! And I bet my boys are gonna want a Ripstick! I'd never heard of them - til now!