Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do shoes mate in the off season or what?

Good morning blog land...or at least the wonderful few who pass this way. Life is starting to return to its usual weirdness. Last night was knitting group and even though it had caused some ungodly minimal pain when I gathered my courage to work on my little pot holder/dishcloth I struggled through it and talked nearly non-stop...a habit picked up while taking pain pills for the broken arm and not having many people to talk with. I'd had nothing like that in a few days, so I dunno. Maybe I was just so glad to spend time with my fellow knitters w/o hubby. He is such a good man, but dang he has had to drive me to all meetings and he actually enjoys the knitting group as well as most of the activities I'm involved with. The
knitters are a hoot and a half for sure, and I can't imagine anyone not loving them. I offered to loan him a pair of knitting needles and teach him how to knit; however,he declined. He could pick it up pretty easily, but he felt it wasn't manly enough even though I told him it was men who figured it out in the first place ...nets and warm sweaters, etc. So, he was left at home to watch the Cowboys go down in flames. He really should have gone with me as I was from time to time not driving well. At least there were no wrecks or tickets involved last night, but I've just got to start driving more. I've gotten used to looking at the scenery while in the car and not having to pay too much attention. Those days are over. I've not driven the new car at all since he picked it up. That might be one of the better decisions we've made lately. It is Driving Miss Daisy sort of set up these days.

It is still very hot here in Texas. Yesterday it was 89F when I left to go to Panera's for our meeting and was 81F when I came out at 9pm. On the morning weather the guy said it would be 86F on Halloween. Now Texas weather is as strange as can be, and I remember wearing shorts on Christmas Eve once it was so warm. I'm ready for some much cooler weather. I've started changing shoes from one closet to the other and found shoes I'd forgotten I had....especially my Robin Hood shoes. They are Hunter Green with a little leather flower on them. I'm sure Robin would take the flower off. We rented that movie the other night and they need a few sequels to cover all they didn't cover in this one. It was a strange movie to go on with the strange year.

Since I've been taking so much prednisone I've gained a lot of weight...it is the prednisone I swear I couldn't have been the box of cookies or candy corn. So, to counteract this latest horror we went to the mall to walk. For me it is much better to be inside (allergies and flat walking surface) and it is cooler to boot. However, not being a typical mall walker I want to walk in the stores, because I find Dillard's and Macy's much more interesting than the long halls. Actually I walk much farther when I wander in the stores and I can't stress enough how BIG Costco or Sam's really are. My doc is ok with my walking choices, mainly because it is out of the elements and there are people around to call 911 if something happens. He told me to just make sure I didn't take a credit card with me. What was he thinking! I found one of those purse holder things you put on the table and hang your hand bag on so it doesn't get dirty or off with some crook. I thought it money well spent. All of this has been prelude to getting my winter clothes out, especially the shoes. My shoes have been up to no good in the winter closet. There are lots more of them than I remembered, although I do recall wearing them last year. So, all thoughts of buying any cute little shoes to go with a special outfit is pretty much out of the picture...except the purple Sketchers I bought to wear to the TCU game, my hubby's alma mater. Now I need a purple T shirt. I guess that means instead of looking for new shoes for my ensemble it is the ensemble I'm looking for. The kids are coming up to celebrate Hub's b'day that weekend, so those horned frogs better win! The tennis shoes, or running shoes came with a pair of purple shoe laces, too. Running shoes...ha! I couldn't run from here to there. Knees are shot and I'm not looking to replace them anytime soon.

Time for me to go do my stretching exercises before I go to rehab this afternoon. I didn't have time to do the sets yesterday....supposed to do them twice a day, but I was tired as a dog when I got home last night. Sleep was welcome.


  1. I want to know how shoes can shrink over the summer? Shrink & multiply, now there is something to write about!

  2. Maribeth,
    We have very talented shoes for sure.

  3. If you do enough walking, you can wear some of those shoes out, then you will have to buy new ones :)
    Have a lovely wednesday,

  4. Glad to hear that you are doing better. I really don't like to drive at night anymore and will avoid it whenever I can.
    When I was cooped up, when Joe had spine surgery, I was in the house a lot and would find myself chattering away, when I was with people. It's almost like you have missed talking so much that you have to get it all out at once. There are a lot of "mall walkers" here too. We have an inside track at the high school where they let seniors walk. Have a great day. Balisha

  5. Oh NO! I think MY shoes must have run off to your house - cuz I can't find some of mine... I had to go buy new ones... black dress shoes. 2 pair.

    You are a STITCH! I don't blame you for being happy to be out without Hubby though... My friend, Cindy, and I started having these weekend jaunts together to do things like go the opera or some museum showing or things like that... well, one time her husband decided he would like to go along - he would stay out of our way... and he did. But of course he was WITH us when we stopped to dine and such. Now I didn't mind a bit because Bill is very personable and I truly enjoy his company as well as Cindy's... but Cindy prefers MY company withOUT Bill! LOL! But now everytime we start to plan something HE wants to be included! She and I had been planning a trip over the summer to this garden up north, and he got wind of it and asked to go along. She started putting it off... and putting it off... and we never made it! I feel so bad. I'm going to have to come up with something for she and I that I only have TWO tickets to! LOL!

    I AM sooooo glad that you are healing and starting to feel better! And that you can get out with your ladies! I'm going to be taking up crochet again this winter. I've decided to do prayer shawls with the women at church! I'm sure it will be MUCH like your knitting group...

    (((Hugs to you!))) You HAVE been missed!

  6. So glad life is picking up for you...it ia about time for a decent break.

    And Prenisone made you eat the cookies. Everytime I am even on a small regimen I gain 5 damn near permanent glued to the bone pounds.

    Further it is my opinion and somewhat of some physicians it permanently alters your metabolism.

    I'd like to see my husband knit, however we had a quilt for awhile he help his mother piece stitch a,d quilt. We have passed it on to a nephew on his side of family.

  7. I'm with Maribeth! My feet are growing! What the heck?

    I'm glad normalcy is creeping back into your life. After all you've been through, I wish I could send normal over by the bucketful!