Monday, April 30, 2012

Making Progress

These past few weeks have been full of work and fun.  We went to the Hill Country and had returned the last time I posted.  Promised pics, but haven't had time.  There has been so much to do.

During one of our spring deluges water came into the house and the carpet in our bedroom had to be replaced.  It has now been a couple of weeks and we finally made a decision just last Saturday.  It will still be a couple of weeks before it is installed.  We have a lot of large furniture, and thank goodness they will move it for us...and move it back, too.  Another +

Also, we have moved forward and got my husband's folks home on the market as of yesterday.  The real estate agent had an open house and there were a number of inquiries.  We worked really hard getting it ready to show.  Thankfully the estate sale got all the furniture and stuff out.  We had the carpet taken up.  It was ages old and worn wasn't pretty either.  However, when the carpet came up there were some weird brown spots on the floor.  From the pictures it looked like the carpet pad had come to pieces and stuck to the wood floor.  When we got over there it turned out to be spots of dried mud.  I spent the most of a day on the floor with a damp cloth getting it off.  The only thing I can figure is my father in law "cleaned" the carpet in the traffic areas, and got it plenty wet.  The wood wasn't warped, though.  After a final cleaning with Bruce floor cleaner it looked pretty good.

Texas Bluebonnets

We've been working on the small house they owned next door, too.  I'd hoped to get it on the market at the same time as the big house, but it didn't work out.  I'll get the things still in it out tomorrow.  There is a storage building out back of that house that has an interesting story.  A long time ago the fellow who owned the house decided it would be his road to fame/fortune to raise chincillas.  He built a cinder block house with windows and air conditioning.  It didn't work out and he didn't make a fortune but to this day it is still called the chincilla house in our family.  Anyway, the chincilla house has collected a great number of random items, and the air conditioner is long gone.  I sure wish it was cooler, but it isn't. 


  1. That's like places in Minnesota, too. There are plenty of areas where it's "next to where the chimney used to be" or at the Schraeder's house, even if it's been 50 years since the last Schraeder vacated...

    Love the bluebonnets. :-)


  2. Pearl,
    You keep your eye on the Liza Bean ya hear!

    Glad you dropped by. :-) I guess it is the same all over as far as the Schraeder house and the chincilla house.

  3. Thank you for your visit. How wonderful that you met Patti! I also met several bloggers and enjoyed meeting them.
    So you are busy trying to sell a house. Difficult, isn't it?! Well I wish you lots of good luck!

  4. Well you have been busy haven't you? So glad you found someone to do the heavy lifting.
    Wishing you great luck selling it.

  5. Sounds like you have been doing a lot of work. I hope you have success in selling the house. The housing market here isn't the best. Take care and don't overdo.

  6. Oh they'r beautiful, I love that shade of blue..

  7. Reader Wil,
    I haven't met Arkansas Patti in real life, yet. I was at her blog and came to yours to find out who you were talking about. There are so many evil men in the world these days.

    We have been bizzy as bird dogs around here. We still have to move a lot of stuff off of and out of furniture. Hope we can get the tv and parts back together again. :) The surround sound system makes it just that much harder.

    Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you like our bluebonnets. We love them. When we were coming back from our daughter's home we noticed the thistles are starting to bloom. I love them, too.