Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rock and Roll Tonight

My last post was titled "Rock On", well, tonight our world rocked, literally.  We were hanging out watching tv and BAM!  I thought a car had hit our house.  We ran around looking around the house, but couldn't find anything.  My husband walked to the end of the block, but couldn't see anyone out.  We finally called one of our neighbors across the street and nobody answered.  Wow...maybe it was an alien and they took everyone.  Maybe...  Anyway I tried another neighbor's phone and they answered.  They felt it and heard it and oh my!  My guess was it was a small earthquake, and come to find out it was.

Our personal earthquake was just south of here.  The epicenter (I never thought I'd have an opportunity to say that in respect to where I live) was just south of us a little in Burleson.  It was a 2.6 magnitude, which isn't much in say California, but in my neck of the woods it is pretty big.

I guess we should have called 911, just about everyone else did.


  1. Wow, that had to be scary especially so close to 12-21-12. Probably made you rethink that the Mayans are all wet. Is there any fracking in your area? That caused a bunch of small earthquakes in our area that had never occured before.

    1. Patti,
      We have had fracking in this area and that is why we are having the little earthquakes. That is our very first earthquake experience one ever, and hoping it is our last for sure.

      I think maybe the Mayan's just ran out of room on that calendar, so they called it quits.

  2. Yikes the daughter of my half sister lives in Burleson, and my sister-in-law has relatives in Burleson, too. She is in hospital in Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. She had a near miraculous surgery on her hiatal hernia. Her stomach was half way up her esophagus. Her spophagus was too short, probably since birth. Her third referral to a Dr. Fosdick proved to be the best surgeon around. They had to spread her chest cavity to extricate the stomach. I don't know how the esophagus was elongated, and think I may not want to know.

    In answer to your comment on my recent post: I guess I do love the toy as I bought the second one after my best friend gave her the first one. Maybe I should blame my morning agony on best friend???? However, loving the dog is probably why I endure; after all 'love conquers all!'

  3. Love does conquer all and you do love your dog very much. Hope both of you are doing ok these days.