Friday, July 9, 2010

The Big Giant Worms

Found a picture of "The Big Green Worm"....well, it isn't a picture of the one I found, but his cousin for sure. They really camouflage well, too. It was very difficult to spot on the leaves. I guess it doesn't hurt that "Tremors" is one of my favorite silly movies, either. Biology was my most favorite subject and still is. My kids can tell you about the Thanksgiving I dissected the turkey for them with the bonus of dissecting the heart and all the chambers...just so they would know. My kids are cool that way. Their mother is gross this way, but the lab guys get a kick out of letting me see the echo cardiogram of my heart and are impressed when I know the name of the valve and I am intrigued to see it work so efficiently. It is really cool and if you are brave and get a chance it is worth the look. Also, I've seen the inside of my eye....the opthalmologist I used to see would put the picture up on the screen and it was so beautiful. The color is a clear orange with no inclusions and perfect as can be. That was way cool.

While looking for a picture I found this poem...and I'll betcha we all learned some version of it when we were little. That reminds me to check on my grandson's learning about this subject. I'm sure I was 9 or so when I learned it.

The Worms Crawl In The Worms Crawl Out

Don't ever laugh as the hearse goes by
For you may be the next to die.
They put you in a big black box
then cover you up with dirt and rocks.

All goes well for about a week
and then your coffin begins to leak.
The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
The worms play Pinochle on your snout.

They eat your eyes, they eat your nose
They eat the jelly between your toes.
A big green worm with rolling eyes
crawls in your stomache and out your eyes.

Your stomach turns a slimy green
and puss pours out like whipping creme.
Spread it on a slice of bread,
that's what you eat when you are dead.

Source: Cemetery Culture

It has been a very pleasant evening even with the after dinner poetry. Since walking is not in the agenda these days....swollen painful foot, I decided to catch up on some stuff. Like listen to some cds I'd ordered and not had time to get into. They are really good, but I've heard the best songs so many times...oh well. Then I started working on a knitting project I really needed to finish, because my dil had brought the throw I'd given her last Christmas to be repaired. It had come loose in some spots, a sure sign of it having been used a lot. There was chocolate gook on it, too. I told her I wasn't a very good knitter and we laughed when she said she wasn't a knitter at all, but she loved the throw. Good way to get points, girls. So, hubby opened cds and I got most of my washcloth project done. There is a little soap bag that goes with it and I thought it would be cute for a small gift and also, on the plus side it is a way for me to learn new stitches without committing to a large project. I've already put in a frantic email request for help to my mentor.

If you knit or crochet here is a link to the Lion Brand patterns. I only knit, but have plans to learn crochet. I know how to embroider...if I remember it.


  1. Hi Amber so good to hear from you again I hope you are feeling better. enjoyed the post very much though I didn't like the look of the worm.......I can knit but can't crochet and as for sewing I am a lost cause,

    Take care.

  2. Remember that poem from my childhood. The boys used to tease us girls hoping to gross us out.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. I remember the line "the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out."

    I first thought you were going to quote the one I remember from childhood about Nobody loves me, everybody hates, I'm going to the garden and eat worms.

    There multiple versions of it, too.

    Hope things are better for you and the heat dissipates. We are getting a reprieve from the heat.

    I am having one of those everything at once cycle. I fell, and am just about to clear being sore, so a round of bronchitis hit me. I am coughing my fool head off. wears me out.

  4. Yvonne,
    The worm doesn't bother me at all. It doesn't sting or harm me and I sent it over the rainbow bridge in a kind way. Now if it had been a puss worm....aka an asp in would have been smashed in a flash with no remorse. I was stung by one of those babies and I've never hurt so much in my life. My doctor took great pity on me and I needed it, too. It felt like my arm was broken.

    AP-I think we might be more alike than we first thought. The boys tried to scare me, too. They didn't get too far with a worm.

    NW1-Has your doc heard you cough and listened to your chest? That is what I was doing when I had that little "episode" where I nearly died last month. I'd been thinking and telling everyone it was just allergies. In my dreams! 'Tis early for flu. I had pneumonia instead of flu, cold, or allergies. If the jillion or so doctors think so I'll get the pneumonia shot this year. I'd been so good and got the regular flu shot, the H1N1 shot and stayed away from large gatherings of people. HA!

    To all of you-Thank you so much for caring how I've been and it has been one thing after another. I'm already in the durn doughnut hole....But I'm feeling a lot better...not well yet, but better.

  5. We get those kinds of worms on our tomato plants and call them cut worms because they can sure clean off all the leaves on the plant quickly! I watch for them all the time as I have a great crop of tomatoes this year!

    I knew this version of the song.

    If you see a hearse go by,
    you will be the next to die,
    they'll wrap you up in a bloody sheet,
    and send you down sixty feet,
    the worms crawl in the worms crawl out,
    they eat your guts and they spit them out,
    your eyes pop out and your teeth decay,
    And that's the end of a wonderful day!

    Oh kids can be so gross, can't they?

  6. Hi Amber, That worm looks like what we call a tobacco worm here. I had not thought of that song for years and years. We used to sing it on the school bus on school trips along with some other gross ones! It is good to see you on here again. I hope you have a good week ahead.

  7. I had those on my grape vine,I guess they were too stupid to know the difference between tomatoes and grapes.LOL
    It was awesome spending time with you last Sunday,my beautiful plant is doing great,my rain barrel is full,and I wish the steaminess in the air would go away. When it cools off, we need to try the nurseries again.. :)

  8. My grandmother use to pay us a quarter if we could find one of those in her tomatoes. she gave us a penny for little dill worms. Those were good wages in the

  9. when I was little, I used to think that song was about a horse going by, and to this day I don't like horses or black cats to cross my path!!

  10. Oh, WE have those kind of worms -- I think really they are caterpillars of some sort. I don't see them OFTEN - but I do see them from time to time. They're gross! So is that song - but I definitely remember singing it on the bus from school to Mount Vernon in 4th grade! *nods*

    Hope your foot feels better soon!

  11. Word must have gotten out about the fate of the worm/catapiller's fate, because I haven't seen anymore of them on plants.

  12. Pye,
    I enjoyed our day, too. I'll be glad as everything for fall. The heat index is supposed to be in the 100s this afternoon. Oh, I've got you a sweet potato vine hanging basket nearly ready. That bunch you saw in my window was ready and Mr. Star potted it up for you. I cut some more vines to root and they are in the water glass. The airplane plant is loving its new home with us. *hug*