Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last Sunday we went to the movies, my favorite pastime, getting ready for the Oscars night bonanza. It has been a slow year for us to be up to date on the best movie, or actor, or gaffer. However, I did love "The King's Speech" and hope Colin Firth wins best actor. I've adored him since Bridget Jones' Diary". I'm sure that spurred him on to even greater heights in his career.

I do want to see "The Black Swan" before it leaves the theaters. It just seems that Natalie Portman should be seen on the big screen. Princess Leia's mother just should be seen in all her glory even if she does have "swan flesh" in one of the previews I saw. yuck

I can hardly wait to see Javier Bardem in the movie I don't even know what it is called. Talk about your snub. He was nominated for best actor, but I have no idea for which movie. Guessing it isn't the two I've seen so far. I may even forgive Christian Bale for his rudeness earlier this year if his performance is good enough in his movie. I'm just getting started this year...so cut me some slack for a while, please.

I LOVE movies and have collected a number of DVDs and I love music, too. I have some cds, too. Gah...do I have cds. Tonight I was looking at some movies they have at Red Box and ironically the movie was called "Red". It looked pretty good. I even liked the way they ended "Medium" the other night. The "Ghost and Mrs. Muir" reference was perfect.

My husband and I like to play "What did that guy/girl play in??" He is getting a lot better than he used to be. I may have to give it up or sharpen up. Tomorrow is grocery day, bank day, and general running errands day. Have a good one! Thursday is back to physical therapy. After last week's sessions my back, hip, and just about everything was hurting so much I couldn't get myself out of my bed or do much of anything. My therapist told me on the phone Monday she will help me get better. right. See ya'll later.


  1. Enjoyed your post, I don't watch too many movies but like to keep up with what movies/stars get nominated.

    Have a lovely day.


  2. We have no theater here so I have to wait for Netflix.
    I was aware of all the movies but like your I am thinking, "what was Javier Bardem in?"
    Hope your therapy isn't as painful as the last one. Your therapist must believe in the "no pain--no gain" theory.

  3. We love movies and get one each week from Netflix. I want to see Secretariat so bad since it was filmed in Lexington about 30 miles from me. Glad to see you are doing better and writing again.

  4. Yvonne,
    You must see The King's Speech. I loved that movie and heard today as I walked past the tv that Colin Firth's speech was exactly the same as King George VI's speech. It was a spectacular movie and he is a spectacular actor.

    I found this and I'm starting to think he might join my list of hot guys.

    "It has been a heady week for Bardem. He received a Best Actor nomination for his performance as a terminally ill street hustler in the Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu-directed Biutiful, and Bardem and Penelope Cruz just welcomed their first son into the world."

    I'll be glad to see Secretariat, too. I love horses. I would sure like to visit Kentucky to see what all is there. We have been watching "Justified" and my word he is a handsome young man....and I believe he has the mountain man gait and walk down perfectly.

  5. There are finally movies I'd pay the ticket price to see too! I want to see Red too,and Black Swan,King's Speech, Secretariat,and some others I can't remember.
    Oh yeah, I want to see Tangled,I am a kid movie fan,if they are good....
    Maybe we can all get together and go?