Monday, January 31, 2011


We are supposed to get rain, sleet, snow and gosh awful cold temps! The weather guy said it would be below freezing for more than 84 hours. The upside is the day of the Super Bowl it will be back up to 59 degrees. Texas weather. At least we will have weather that Green Bay and Philly are very familiar with.

Alas, here is another health update. I'm still going to pt and am so freakin' sore it is unbelievable, but she told me at some point it will go away and I'll be very happy. No kidding!

We are all snugged in and ready for the ice and cold. We only have to worry about losing electricity. Our heat is gas, but the blower is powered by electricity. We may have to get creative with sheets and stuff and live in the den with the gas fireplace for heat. Too bad I bought a queen size bed that weighs at least 2 tons, so we won't be dragging it in here. I'm calling dibs on the sofa and he can have the chair, but I'm flexible on that. I just got out of the chair and have changed my mind. The sofa is MINE...and it is raining outside! yay! I'm worse than a child about snow now that I don't have to drive in it.


  1. We are getting ice. Lots of rain hitting and turning to ice.

  2. I'm in the same boat with you. Right now the rain is really coming down but the temps are dropping rapidly.
    If it goes to ice, I am ready. I have gas back up (wall heater that can drive me out of the place with the heat it puts out) for every thing but refrig and I have done my winter chore of eating it almost empty so I shouldn't lose much. A lot can go into coolers out side.
    My Kindle and Mp3 are at full charge so I am OK.
    If it is snow, then it is play time. Hope we both get snow only.
    Have you thought of air beds. They are great for company and are quite comfortable.

  3. We got ice last night and now getting 12 inches snow. And I can't see 3 ft in front of myself outside right now. FUN!....

  4. Snowing here...and the wind is picking up.I'm in No, Illinois and we are ready for what Mother Nature sends us. Stay warm. Balisha

  5. Just think it's a day nearer Spring.
    Are you near Nashville by any chance?


  6. Abe,
    Stay inside where it is warm and there is food. It only takes a film of ice to really wreak havoc!

    Arkansas Patti,
    Girl you got all the bases covered! I have tons of books and Lord if I ever listen to all the songs on the Ipod I'll be ancient. It is a fun time for me. Neither of us have to get out to drive to work and the papers can stay in the yard until the mess melts. It is supposed to be 60 degrees for the Super Bowl. :)

    You little minx having a snow/ice day is extra fun.

    Wow you and Abe are way up north and are familiar with all this snow and ice business. We are all snugged in and have mangaged so far. Ice sends a chill through me thinking of losing power. So far we haven't and it is all out of here.

    Nope, darlin' we live in Texas, which is a REAL long way from Nashville....well it is pretty far away. I'd love to meet you, but we can't get away right now...meaning this month. It the physical therapist doesn't kill me with the workouts we may be able to go north later in the year. Hubby wants to go on the old Route 66 and I think it would be fun, too. We don't have any pets to worry about, kids are settled, elderly parents are settled in memory care and have people to care for them.