Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Hot is It?

The heat goes on and on. Yesterday hit 106 and today should be about 105, and we haven't had rain in I don't know when. A small to medium tropical disturbance would be so welcome...not a huge hurricane, but a tropical wave...or maybe a small hurricane that came right up here into the Metroplex. I get how hot is it jokes daily and the weather people are telling jokes about how hot it is. Such as this ice cream truck that came to grief.

I heard on the news the other day that rabies is on the rise around here because of the drought. Animals are forced to come closer in to get water and food and they are bringing their illnesses with them. They would welcome some rain and cooler weather, too, not the ones with rabies so much, though.

The horror in Norway was so very sad. My best friend has family there and has told me how beautiful and safe it is when they visit over there. One blog titled her thoughts about it as "Innocence Lost". Our innocence has been lost for so long that it takes a lot to shock us, but that massacre did me.

Last Monday we were able to go to meet with my knitting group. It was very good to see them and catch up with everyone. I haven't knitted in a good while and hope I remember how. *gasp*

It is time for lunch now and a tuna sandwich sounds good. Hubby is over at his parent's house cleaning off the carport roof. He is going to be putting it on the market soon and having an estate sale. He should be home soon and will be hungry.


  1. We here a waiting for our summer, Yes the events in Norway were horriffic and needless. My prayers go to all who have lost and are suffering from that awful day.

  2. I can so relate to that ice cream truck. We are all melting. And how far off is Fall???

  3. I sympathize with your heat. You have the worst of it, high temperatures and humidity. Our temps run 5 to 10 degrees lower right now, but the humidity is up. It is raining right now. That is good, and will cool things for tonight, but tomorow it will feel even hotter.
    Love the melted ice cream truck!

  4. If we are cooler in AR it doesn't feel like it. I have always said anything 90 and above feels the same. Add humidity and more misery.

    My sister in Brownwood said it had not rained there in 47 days and their lake is over 1/2 empty.