Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not much going on here these days...

Wish I had a good joke or some funny You Tube for you, but it has been pretty calm around here. It has been hotter than heck and dry as can be, but hopefully October will come soon. This year hasn't gone as fast as last year. Hope all is well with you guys.


  1. Hi Judy thanks for the visit, you mentioned I am not over my loss, I am over mums passing, it took 7 years but I got there. That's why I don't grieve but celebrate her life and the love she gave me.

    Hope it cools down where you are, Yes I did get jet lag which lasted a while but I'm fine now except for family problems we all get from time to time.

    Take care,

  2. We have been almost as hot as you all and it really is getting old.
    Anymore 90 degrees is almost jacket weather. Come on Fall.

  3. That is the problem with "serenity" it isn't always as interesting as we could wish. I hope something makes you smile today.

  4. I hope the furnace runs out of fuel before our vacation to Rapid City SD for a Moroccan Reunion in September.

    Also my half-brother is in VA in Dallas with severe congestive failure. We may make a southern swing through Dallas and take a different route to Rapid City which might really be better than from here.

  5. Yvonne,
    Hope family problems are settled soon. btw-Judy is the lovely lady who lives on the other side of the hill. :)

  6. AP,
    I'm so tired of the heat I could just scream. This will the day 20 of over 100...not as bad as 1980, but still terrible.

  7. NW1,
    Gosh I hope so, too. That it cools off some before you have to leave. Sorry about your brother and his heart problems. *hug*