Saturday, December 3, 2011

You might be an engineer or married to one if...

Today is a cool rainy day and we have not been doing much at all.  The TCU football game is on tv and I've been surfing the web.  There was a story on yahoo news or somewhere yesterday that had information about finger length ratios between the index finger and the ring finger (2D:4D) and health issues.  I started telling hubby about this story and knew when he got the millimeter ruler out that there would be measuring going on.  I've been an engineer's wife for so long that it just seems natural to me that if we read about something dealing in frivolous math we must try to replicate it, if possible.  We are a measuring family.  It turns out his index to ring finger ratio is over 1.03.  I don't know what my ratio is, because he left to look in the refrigerator.

ps-TCU just about skunked 'em TCU-56 UNLV-9
Go Frogs!

I have a page in the works about the bird and squirrel feeders and the denizens thereof.  Will get it up maybe tomorrow.  However, it is supposed to be colder and even rainier tomorrow and there MIGHT be some snow or frozen precipitation between Sunday and Tuesday.  What joy!  We don't have cold weather that much and snow even more rarely.  Stay warm.  I'm getting ready to go to the store for milk, bread and some really good cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.  We already have some fire roasted pepper tomato soup.  There will no doubt be a large crowd at the store.


  1. We had 1-2", maybe 3" in a few placessnow Monday and apparently last night as the garbage cans put out late last night have a coating of snow on the lids this a.m.

    TCU did nearly SKUNK 'EM, So did Baylor soak in to Texas. Unfortunately, the Cowboys lost, but what little I saw, did not play up to par either.

    We are staying in and warm. I started back seriously again with WW (already lost 3 pounds) and looking for something my husband will eat in a soup or stew that is good for me. DIet or not I have to eliminate as much salt as possible,

    I found some unsalted ( no salt added) stock which I have to buy on line or when I am Little Rock at Kroegers called Kitchen Basics; it does have salt naturally, because it it made from stock.

  2. Finding healthy options that don't gag you is difficult. Lay's used to have a low salt potato chip that was really good. I don't think they make them anymore, but it may be my stores doesn't carry them anymore.

    There have been a lot of Christmas stuff lately and it has kept me from the internet.

    I'm going to join up with WW soon.