Friday, December 30, 2011

Carrot Cakes and Happy New Year Wishes

Our youngest made a carrot cake for dessert on Christmas Day. It was her grandmother's recipe. The grandmother who was so close to her and who died this past February. It was bittersweet for her making the cake. She did it justice for sure. It was a very delicious cake and I can attest to that by showing the extra pounds that have appeared all over me. The rascal left the cake here.

I'd been over to the house the week before Christmas to help my husband clear out drawers from some furniture our oldest was going to take back with her. We found two portrait photos of his father tucked away in drawers. His dad was a very handsome young man and was still pretty good looking at age 93. He passed away, too this past year on March 30th. Our daughter called last night to tell us the furniture fit perfectly in the gate house and even the drapes that had been laying out and were "new" fit perfectly.

It is a new year nearly and decisions must be made regarding their property. My husband was an only child and there were no other family members to inherit. We have talked about selling the houses, but in the economy this year it doesn't seem wise to just dump them to the first rehaber who makes an offer. I think the best thing to do is to get them in shape to lease. Many people can't get a down payment on a home loan, but need a place to live. Getting a deposit for a lease is much more do-able. I have property that is leased and it is nice to have a little extra each month. Wasn't so nice to not have it leased for nearly a year in 2010, though.

All in all 2011 hasn't been a year to remember fondly. It was full of pain, loss, and despair at one time. I'm looking forward to 2012 and pray it will be a much better year than 2011.

Wishing all of you a wonderful new year filled with joy, wonder, and good health.

This is somewhat early, but it is going to be a busy weekend and I might not make it back before 2012. Stay safe and for gosh sake do not drive after drinking. Around here there will be a "No Refusal" policy toward anyone suspected of dui. There will be nurses to draw blood and if you have been drinking you will be arrested, thrown in jail, and your name published. I guess if you are having a diabetic issue they will get you help. No excuses for driving under the influence in Texas.


  1. Good luck with your decision. If you have good tenents, that would be smart. Bad ones can be a nightmare.
    Hoping you have a much better

  2. We live in California and have a rental in Maine. It can be good and bad..but like you we don't want to see Mom's home (which is right on the ocean) at a time when prices are so low.
    2011 was so hard on a our family financially..I am praying that 2012 is better.
    I think it will be. I want to throw some positive vibes out there.. :)
    Happy New Year to you and your family!