Saturday, February 4, 2012

Busy Week And Weekend

This week has been a busy one!  The Estate Sale is starting.  My hubby signed a contract with them on Thursday.  Under the terms of the contract we had to get all we wanted out before this weekend.  Got to tell you I'm getting better.  We got it all out and now we are taking stuff back over there that we got out last spring.  Last year I was so laid up with the fractured vertebrae there was no way I could help him or even look at what he had brought over.  Today I started going through boxes to see what all could go back and my back hurts and I'm stiff as an ironing board, but I cooked dinner.

We rented "Moneyball" tonight and it is a very good movie.  Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill gave good perfomances.  Probably not enough for the movie to win best picture over "The Artist".  We will go see that on Wednesday at the Rave theater.  They have a $5 Tuesday deal and a special deal for folks in Fort Worth who take our newspaper.  We've been getting in to see the movies for $5 for both of us on Wednesday.  It is buy one get one free and there must have been another special deal.  Regular tickets are $9.50 each and seniors $7.50.  We didn't get there early enough for the matinee, either.  I don't know, but I like it.  It is my favorite theater because it has super screens and great sound.  I love movies.

So, other than the Estate Sale and going to the movies and a lot of meetings and appointments, it has been a regular week.  Last Sunday our kids in Granbury had us down for dinner.  I took the pink depression glass dishes to my dil.  She was happy and it is good for her to have them before she is old.  She will love them and use them.  That is what they are for.  I kept one glass that was chipped at the rim to use as a vase.  It wasn't good for much of anything else.

Oh, btw-Nitwit 1 if you come by...the naked ladies have come up.  It is very early, but it has been so warm this winter. On this date last year it was snowing.  We haven't really had any winter at all.  When do they normally bloom?

My word!  Shaq O'Neil is on the Jimmy Fallon show in a pink bikini with Jimmy Fallon's name on the back.  Shaq lost a bet and he had to walk two blocks in a pink bikini with Fallon's name on the back.  Shaq is a giant!  He hugged a little ole lady when he entered the theater where Fallon has his show, and she was dwarfed in his arms.  Jimmy Fallon isn't doing too well in the height department next to him.  Just hit the tivo button so I can show hubs in the morning.  No way can I describe that adequately.

Have a great weekend and I hope your favorite team wins the super bowl.  We have opted to stay home and watch on our tv in our house and eat our food.


  1. When you mentioned Moneyball in your comment, you got me thinking. I cancelled Netflix when they quit the mail out portion. I can't get streaming so I thought I was out of luck. I have really wanted to see Moneyball--Brad Pitt and baseball--what could be better.
    Will see if Blockbuster mail out is any good. Kind of miss my week end movie. Thanks for reminding me of what I was missing.

  2. I hope you enjoy it. We sure did.

  3. Even if the leaves freeze, they should still bloom. My sister in Brownwood said hers were up too.

    She had a hard time getting them started and did not have many. Wait a few years and you separate a few times. She will be giving them away.

    I still have a few where we did not renovate the yard.