Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The other day I noticed everyone else was making a page on their blog about St. Patrick's day.  I'm not much Irish at all.  There is a Bridget O'Brien in my ancestor list.  She was long ago and far away, but it is good to know there is something to cheer about on St. Pat's day.  These apples had been calling to me to be made into something sweet, and so I did.  There was some crust issues that ended with some filling outside of the top crust, but it tasted just fine.  It tasted really good and with a slice of cheddar, Lora.  It tasted really good with some vanilla ice cream, too.

As you can see I used the other pie bird this time.  It hadn't had a chance to be baked in a pie yet.  It did its job well.  It was the maker of the pie that didn't get the edges crimped properly.  However, in all justice these are my first pies.  Next week there will be a quiche, because we have all the leftovers to make one and I can't let them go to waste.

Here are our "shamrocks".  They came up in a pot...I don't remember buying any and if I did I need to have my head examined for if it gets into the grass there is no getting rid of it at all.  Our yard man came yesterday, but there was so much to do this time with all the leaves from the live oak falling we didn't have the heart to ask him to make a bigger effort in the rock garden.  I suppose I could have gone out and cleared some of the sweet gum spikey balls out of the picture, but there was other stuff to deal with.  One included some ordering some new bedding for the front bedroom and I can tell you right now I can hardly wait for it to get here.  I'll post some pictures when it is all done. 

Today we went to the store and as we were getting ready to check out these cookies called out to go home with me.  Isn't that always the way...the little things taste really great and the little fox has something new to guard now the apples are gone.

Here's wishing you a happy Erin Go Bragh and I'm off to cook some cabbage with some ham and some pretty new potatoes for our dinner.  Have a safe and happy weekend.


  1. I hope your Saturday was great..and it looks like it was! Now I am hankering for a piece of homemade apple pie! Your little fox is CUTE!
    I miss out on our St. Paddy's Day dinner at the Bakery that we have every year as I had people here and wasn't exactly up to par! I hear it was great! Too much going on this year and we are a family of Duffy's. Each year the two eldest boys and their wives travel for two weeks to Ireland.. which would make their father happy..and I think he knows.
    Hugs to you for stopping by and commenting.. :)

  2. St Patty's Day here is known for the greatest snowstorm to ever hit this little burg. No celebrating, just some busy work as we are nearing end of our remodeling.

    Had small spell with my heart Friday so had to catch up my chores from Friday along with Saturday. I didn't prepare as much food for LIFE Group on Sunday, just bought some decadent looking chipped nut covered chocolate muffins, and a small 6-pak of Pepsis.

  3. Love your little guard fox. I use to collect foxes till I became over run with gift foxes. When you are a collector, you are too easy to buy for so I finally quit.
    You keep yours busy. That pie looks delish.

  4. Ummm, your pie looks wonderful and I truly love cheese with my apple pie. Well, I like ice cream with it, too, tho.:)

    No Irish blood in my family that I know of...we still had little green iced cookies. :)

    I have a pie bird but would like a few more...a small collection on a cute shelf would be awesome for the kitchen.
    Have a good Sunday.

  5. Mona,
    Hope you are feeling much better today. I'd love to make the trip to Ireland...oh that reminds me to go try to win a trip on the Game of Thrones site. :D I'm sure that is going to happen.

    There are some celebrations around here and in Dallas, but our personal ones were smallish to miniscule. We had some cabbage with dill weed, some ham (leftovers) and some new potatoes. The little green iced cookies are good, but need to be mostly avoided.

    Pepsis and muffins are a good treat for friends.

  6. AP,
    I wasn't as creative as some of the ladies whose blogs I read. They are something else. The little fox usually is on a shelf on my dresser taking care of that room.

    The pie birds are fun to collect. I am going to start going to garage sales/estate sales (like I need anything else) and see if I have any luck finding them. They are little and lend themselves to collecting.

    The pie was good, but I haven't truly got the hang of the whole thing yet. I'll get there, but am going to have to start making LOW CAL pies or something. Ha!

  7. That pie looks so good -- and the little bird coming up in it is hilarious! Why have I never seen this sort of thing before?!

    Am a quarter Irish but restricted myself to a couple-three beers last night. :-)


  8. Hey Pearl,

    Good to see you and the pie birds are fun.

    Since you are only a quarter you did the right thing to stick to just a couple-three. I've only got sorta one gene maybe, so I made pies and stayed away from the beer. :-)

  9. I'm glad you liked it with cheese! I like it instead of ice cream sometimes when I want to have something yummy and not so sweet.