Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The old and the new

We are still clearing out closets and furniture around here so the new flooring can be put down.  We finished cleaning my in-laws big house and I'm finished with the little one.  If he wants to do more he is welcome to it.  I'm tired of cleaning houses and clearing brush.  The upside is the realtor thinks there is a chance of getting some offers soon.   They have had two open houses and private showings, too.  Maybe, I'll go back over.  Nah...this house must be clear for new flooring by next Wednesday when the carpet and wood arrive.  We will be busy as beavers until next Saturday sometime...or later.

Some of my friends on facebook have been really sad the past few months.  They have good reason, but it is time to pull up.  I love them and want to have them in my life for the rest of it.  This little pinterest is so true.

Source: google.com via Linda on Pinterest


  1. Good luck with the house. My brother just sold his after his neighbor approached him about buying it to add to his business property.
    They then bought a new one less than a week later. Maybe the Real Estate worm is turning.

  2. Houses here in Scotland are taking ages to sell as well... My son , who stays round the corner from us has his house going up for sale next week.. aarrrghh ! The houses where he lives are taking a year to sell... I hope he doesn't have to wait that long.

  3. All that closet cleaning makes me weary reading about it. Hope you get some rest real soon. and truly hope the homes sell quickly.