Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday Rain

Yesterday was my birthday and we had a fun time of it. Dinner was at our favorite barbecue place and then to the movies to see "The Help". It was a fun time, because we were like kids trying to make the movie in time. We ate our meal in a hurry and watched some clouds containing rain try to make it to where we live, then rushing to the theater. The movie had started when we got there, and we had to grope around in the dark to find a seat, but it was ok.

The sage has been blooming for a couple of days and it is a predictor of rain. Many don't believe and call it foolishness. Happened to me the other day. A woman quite rudely said it rained after the plant bloomed. However, it did rain in Dallas and on the other side of Ft. Worth within a couple of days. It hasn't rained at my house yet, and I've lost my rain stick!

It frequently starts to rain again around this time of the summer. I call it my birthday rain. I'm so happy to see it.

Texas sage blooming and a picture of a rain sticks. If you see mine, please tell it to come home. I miss it. Well, actually we hadn't noticed it was gone until yesterday.


  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday.,especially with the family around you.

    Have a good day.

  2. We have a similar problem with rain. Sometimes we get too much as we did this spring and then we get too little as we did this summer. But that is the way weather here in Ohio works.

    The new skylights allow sunshine in just like it was coming through a window except it comes from above and illuminates the entire room.

  3. Almost the entire US was in the dry cycle, except some of us had a spring too much rain.

    We are getting a few showers now.

    Happy birthday.

    May be in DFW area about 2-3 days....I know...half of Texas it seems.... in September to see bio family, and an old friend from second grade in a nursing home if possible. She probably will not know me as she has some kind of dementia. it is just something I would fell I should do.

  4. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

    NW-1 we should meet somewhere when you are here.

    Abraham-just curious about the skylight. My daughter had one in an apartment once and it got really hot under it.

    We would just love to get some rain. It has been mighty dry for a very long time. It would probably take a hurricane to generate enough rain to refill the lakes.

  5. The 24th? We share a birthday! Didn't get any birthday rain down in Austin though. Will have to keep an eye on that sage outside. The weather-people have been teasing us for too long. I'll believe it when I see it.